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Are Natural ADHD Treatments The Answer? Looking At The Options to Raise Happier Children

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Natural ADHD treatments are now gaining in popularity because the drugs scene is too scary. As if that was not enough, the numbers of children who are practically forced to take these medications which are nothing more than amphetamines, are about 84%  according to Consumer Reports.

 I use the word €˜drugs scene' deliberately because there are no conclusive studies to show that the psychostimulants which are nothing more than amphetamines actually do work. They can only manage symptoms and help to alleviate the problems of ADHD.  

 That is as far as they can go and that is why so many parents and  teachers  are seeking the alternatives.  They cannot stand by and see their kids exposed to all sorts of risks. The words €˜drug scene' also applies not only to the risk of addiction but also to the fact that they may be approached to sell their ADHD meds. Adderall is particularly popular at the moment as a study aid.  Imagine your child getting caught up in all that. It just takes one false move at the school parking lot.

 If you read The Huffington Post, you may have seen a recent article by one of the leaders of psychiatric reform who is called Peter Breggin.  Basically, he argued in that post that one form of child abuse is actually drugging them with psychiatric drugs for ADHD which he regards as being totally unnecessary. That is another reason why natural ADHD treatments are now so much in demand.

 So what are the natural ADHD treatments available?

 First, there is a whole range of herbal remedies which can help the child to concentrate and to pay attention better which is one of the main problems.

 Then there are homeopathic remedies which can help to restore the balance which is upset due to the faulty functioning of the brain transmitters. As these natural remedies do not have any side effects at all and absolutely no risk of addiction, they are proving to be enormously popular.

 This is as it should be although doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are doing their best to discredit them and laugh them to scorn. The parents who have tried them know better and also their children do not know what kind of medication they are taking so the placebo effect is hardly a valid argument here .

 If you would like to know more about natural ADHD treatments, why not visit my website where I have outlined what are the safest and the most valid options available on the market to-day.

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