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Are Isotonic Memory Foam Mattresses Worth It?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 65   |   Comments: 0

With the advent of memory foam, our 'sleeping zone' has revolutionized amazingly. At present, there are various kinds of sleeping mattresses available in the market. These mattresses promise a comfortable and stress free sleep to us. Among the mattresses that has revolutionized our sleep habits memory foam mattresses, Restonic memory foam mattresses latex foam mattresses and isotonic memory foam mattresses can be included. The scientists of NASA's space program created memory foam in the year 1970. NASA's aim behind this was to help the brave astronauts who were reaching new dimensions of space research. They were creating this material so that the pressure of G-forces may be lessened which astronauts were made to bear. In the early 1970's access to memory foam mattresses to common people was mere a dream, however, this is not the case now. In the year 1980 Fagerdala world foams of Sweden, marked a new beginning in the field of foam mattresses and started production of memory foam mattresses by keeping in mind the needs of a common consumer.

Like other foam mattresses, isotonic memory foam mattress conforms to your body too and as a result, your comfortable sleep is conformed largely. Isotonic memory foam mattress possesses pressure-relieving feature, than allow you to sleep in any posture you want to sleep, while this is not the case, while you lie on other traditional mattresses. Do you know why we do toss and turn at night? It is because of the pressure that is created on particular part or muscle of our body. As it has already been said isotonic memory foam mattress has pressure-relieving properties that ensure us profound and comfortable sleep with lesser tossing and turning at night.

Various researches has evinced that isotonic memory foam mattresses augment the level of our sleep and we fall asleep sooner. Perhaps, this is the reason why isotonic memory foam mattresses have been recommended by more than 25,000 medical professionals all round the world. Isotonic memory foam mattress is getting more and more promulgated because of its temperature sensitivity and alters itself according to your body temperature. As a result, you get a feeling as if you are sleeping on clouds. However, this is not the case with other mattresses. For instance, when you lie on a coil spring mattress; it is not coil spring mattress that conforms to your body but it is your body that conforms to a coil spring mattress. However, isotonic memory foam mattresses are denser than ordinary mattresses that provide you more and more comfort. Generally, isotonic memory foam mattresses are found with density 4lb, per cubic foot. This gives you a luxurious feeling while you sleep.

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