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Are Education Programs Successful in Drug Rehab?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Memories of past failures, bad treatment from others and sense of loss continue to haunt most drug addicts even after they had kicked the habit. Such excruciating memories sometimes even drag the graduated addict back into the world of drugs and alcohol. The primary guilty party here is the drug rehab treatment itself. Most drug rehab programs just cure the body only. They never care to treat the mind, which is the real culprit in addiction cases and thus throw open the door for re-addiction.

This is where the importance of education programs in drug rehab comes in. The Narconon drug rehab treatment is a qualitative jump over the older therapies in that it addresses the need of the body and mind in one go. It has been found that most addicts have a sense of inferiority, lack self confidence and crave for support. Even though Narconon method treats every aspect in a holistic way, only a few of them have added proper education programs in drug rehab programs.

Drug addiction pulls the victim into a make believe world where they drown all their sorrows and concerns in the dominion of drugs. The biggest task faced in drug rehab is to shatter this dominion and free the unfortunate psyche. This is a long process where great patience, case and attention are called for from the part of the drug rehab centre and its staff. I should caution here that the process is not as simple as you read. It is like teaching a pre-schooler and preparing him to face greater challenges. Like every child, an addict also tends to make mistakes and forgets his basics. However, I would like to add here that these educational programmes have saved the lives of most people who when through them.

Education programs imparted by our best rehab centres contain learning material on effective communication, courageous handling of adverse situations, and solve his or her problems without outside aid. The addict learns to be sincere to himself as well as his near and dear ones. He is taught the lessons of responsibility, gratitude to the almighty, and how to lead a successful life.

Such an all encompassing educational therapy can be instituted only if the centre has the requisite expertise, adequate infrastructure, and to top it all, the right attitude. The time taken for cure differs from addict to addict, depending to his ability to adjust and adapt. It is a slow process, as it takes time to wipe out the negative blots a drug addict picked up during his life as an addict.

Our civil society respects only the responsible and the achiever. An addict is often treated as a pariah by the community, but the family members often bear the brunt of having a drug addict in the family. They also need to be educated as to how to behave with a graduated addict and not to hurt his feelings. A good rehab centre provides educative counselling to the family members of the addict before he is discharged.

The next question is where to find such a great drug rehab centre. The Internet is replete with options. But I would like to advise that you go for a rehab centre that has gained the respect of common people as well as our leaders. It the rehab centre can produce testimonials about the credibility of their treatment methods from our respected institutions, that centre is the one for you. Do not go anywhere else.

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