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Are Cordless Lawn Mowers Really Up to the Job?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 80   |   Comments: 0

Within recent years cordless lawn mowers have been challenging their gas powered counterparts for pre-eminence in the market. In some respects you can see why as gas powered mowers are not without their drawbacks, but are they really up to the job? Can they really perform as well as traditional mowers? This article sets out to reveal the truth about how cordless lawn mowers really perform.

It is easy to see why cordless lawn mowers have become so popular as you do not have any of the hassles and mess of dealing with gas and oil cans. Also starting is considerably easier as there is no pull start to contend with; usually a flick of switch or pull of a handle is all that is required.

Cordless lawn mowers also overcome the limitations of corded mowers where the electric cable limits just how far you can go. Also there is the problem of getting tangled up with bushes and trees.

However, one of issues with cordless lawn mowers (as indeed with many devices with rechargeable batteries) has in the past been in relation to how long the battery will stay charged. After all it is not exactly very convenient to have to stop mowing the grass half way through to charge up the battery. Therefore, early models were limited to small lawns. More recently though, developments in battery technology have meant that cordless lawn mowers now have a much greater range. In fact, larger models will mow up to a third of an acre from a single charge.

For some people will larger lawns, this will still be something of a limitation. However, this is easily resolved through buying a model with a removable battery and then buying a second battery. This way, as soon as the charge runs out on the first battery you can simply swap it with the second one. With models you are able to remove the battery extremely easily so there is no real hassle involved at all.

The other issue, particularly if you are used to gas powered mowers, is the difference in power. Generally, this is not particularly a problem, unless you have a lawn with particularly tough areas or you have tendency to leave your grass for a long time before you cut it. However, if power is a concern for you then you could look at one of the larger, more powerful cordless lawn mowers. Whilst these do not quite match the amount of power provided by the more powerful gas mowers, they do provide more than enough power for most purposes.

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