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Are CieAura Holographic Chips the Future?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

What are Holographic Chips and How do they work?

CIEAURA Transparent Holographic Chips use a proprietary combination of homeopathic formulas consisting of intrinsic energies that affect positive health responses. CieAura Chips have the look of simple decals on the body or clothing and are totally non-invasive, without any chemical component. When places along the sensitive acupuncture meridian points results such as increased energy, improved stamina, deeper, more restful nights, and other assorted reactions occur, depending on the program formula of the Holographic Chip and the related placement.

CIEAURA Transparent Holographic Chips restore balance, allowing our body's defenses to perform at their peak abilities and give the body renewed energy and stamina. In doing so, the best medicine for the body, the body's own natural immune system, is working at capacity. CieAura Chip users are reporting increased focus and concentration along with better feelings and physical abilities.

A critical rquirement for CieAura chips to be effective is proper hydration- drink water. It is especially important for athletes, in particular, to continually consume water, while wearing the Chip.

CieAura Chips do not treat or cure any specific disease, they simply enable the body to function at a higher level of health. When this type of natural healing environment is present, in many cases, the body is able to effectively repair and heal itself. Naturally, individusl results will vary depending upon numerous personal and environmental factors such as overall state of health, age, diet and so forth.

CieAura's products operate from the infusion of intrinsic Energy into a holographic Chip. Intrinsic Energy is similar to subtle energy as used in other texts. Once the holographic Chip is placedwithin an inch or so of the body, these energies communicate externally with the body's internal electromagnetic fields. The Chip aids the body to move itself toward its optimum energetic state. CieAura's Chips use physics as oppossed to chemicals to externally communicate with and fortify the body's natural intrinsic energy fields.

Intrinsic energy operates in the quantum physics area (smaller than an atom). As a result, there is currently no device capable of measuring the signal; however, the effects of the signal can be measured antidotally. Because there are no chemicals, the reaction is subtle and there are no highs, lows or other side effects: you feel normal and healthy.  In cases of CieAura chips results can vary from almost immediate in many cases and other cases, the Chip may have to be worn longer to feel the effects. Remember Hydration is essential for optimum results.

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