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Aprons and How To Make Them

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 55   |   Comments: 0

Over the years, aprons are already part of a woman's fashion. They help in keep the clothes clean while doing chores like cooking, cleaning and gathering eggs. Aprons are already popular way back in 1700s. It is also socially alright to wear them despite you're wearing a dress. Nowadays, aprons are becoming popular again as part of fashion and also due to its usage.

The aprons' designs changes over the years because there are many kinds of materials that can be used in making them. The most common kind of apron is the white apron that is usually used to cover a woman's dress. However, these are not worn nowadays because washing machines and less expensive clothes are already available.

Aprons come in two kinds. The first kind of apron is the waist apron which only covers the lower half of the body. It is worn by tying its two strips of fabrics on the waist. The second is the bib apron that can cover the whole body. Bib aprons also have two strips tied on the waist and a strap worn on the neck.

Aprons used in cooking are usually made in cotton, linen and other durable and washable fabrics. These aprons can also be stitched by hand, crocheted or knitted. Aprons meant for welding, soldering and carpentry are usually made with leather.

Aprons can be created out of dishtowels. Only that, the towel has to be rectangular with dimensions of 18 inches by 28 inches. To turn it into an apron, fold in half with the correct side or printed side inwards. Fold its bottom and fold its upper by the middle for the pockets. Pin the sides then sew parts where you created a fold together. Sew lines to make two or more pockets. Remember to use backstitch to strengthen it.

In creating strips for your waist, the ideal length is twice your waist then plus thirty inches. The fabric that you will be using for the ties should be four inches wide. Stitch strips on the printed side then fold the ends going inside and then stitch it again. In making the tie, fold the fabric at the center to get its middle and sew ends on the apron.

Now you know how to make your own apron. You can also try making another one with more advanced designs. With your own made apron, you would surely have fun cooking.

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