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Antique Rug Fringe is More Than Just for Looks

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 55   |   Comments: 0

Most antique rugs have fringe on the ends.  This is common in antique Persian rugs, antique Oushak rugs, and even many new oriental rugs have fringed ends.  Though many owners like the look that this fringe creates, many others do not care for it much at all.  Carpet fringe gets dirty and is difficult to spot clean.  Fringed ends often get caught in vacuums (tip:  vacuum side to side instead of lengthwise to avoid this problem), and caught damage to the precious antique rug that was so carefully selected and purchased.  Many customers lament that it is difficult to find rugs, antique rugs in particular, that do not have fringed ends.

What many people may not know is that the fringed ends of antique rugs serve a purpose, which is why fringed ends are so very common.  The fringed ends of antique rugs are essentially the skeleton of the rug.  Each individual tassel is made of fibers that run through the rug to the other side, where they come out and are tied off into another tassel.  The fringe is a series of knots, or tassels, that help hold the entire weaving of the rug in place.

A quality antique rug company can easily take care of any repairs or replacements that a tasseled fringe might need.  Both repairs and replacements of antique rug fringe usually start with stitching up the end of the rug to ensure that the skeleton fibers stay in place and intact.  Once the overcast stitching is completed, new tassels can be sewn on in place of tassels that are worn out, using careful hand sewing techniques.  Hand sewing is important as it helps ensure that the integrity of the antique rug is kept intact.  The new fringe is usually put over top of the existing fringe base, and the worn fringe is often trimmed quite short to maintain the look of the carpet.  Overlaying new fringe not only refreshes the look of the rug, but it also helps protect the rug edges from additional wear.

Antique rug fringe tassels do take a bit of maintenance and care in order to ensure that the integrity of the rug's fiber weaving remains intact.  Though fringe can be a hassle when it comes to cleaning and care, worn fringe must be replaced by antique rug experts.  Without maintenance and necessary replacements, the entire skeleton of the antique rug can unravel, leaving the owner with a mess of strings instead of a beautiful antique rug that will last.

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