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Antique Lamps - Withstanding the Test of Time

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 108   |   Comments: 0

Classic looks and style are one way to approach decorating your home. The advantage is, of course, that €˜classic' means timeless - leaving you in no fear of the vagaries of fashion when it comes to your décor!

In the twentieth century design often gave way to function and in the period following both world wars €˜utilitarian't design was based on functionality not looks.
Later in the century and at the start of the current century design and function have been re-combined as equals in the design process and after decades of bland, plain homes we have begun to look again at design as a key factor in our lifestyles. Classic interiors are a great choice for many homes - period homes suit the style well although many design schemes can be complemented by classic touches.

A tall, English, antique brass, Corinthian column lamp.The tall, fluted column surmounted by a well defined, cast Corinthian capital and standing on a broad square stepped base.
The brass sealed, no polishing required!
A handsome, well made lamp of architectural style.
Ideal for a man's study or office desk.Circa 1900 Overall height (including shade)

Authentic looks and style

Classic by definition means unaffected by the vagaries of style and changes in fashion and for this reason, classic is a great way to create a timeless look. As ever with design, detailing matters most to create a look of any type and classic interiors are no exception. Small features and furnishings used in decoration, such as vases and bowls, are excellent ways to add a touch of classic design and antique lamps can be great for creating lighting effects and adding a classic touch. Antiques in general will create a classic look to a home - they are also investments and unlike other furnishings may well increase in value over time. For period homes classic antique light fittings can be incorporated along with lamps to create an authentic look.

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