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Antique Lamps & Lampshades - Nina Campbell's Shoes & Handbags

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 48   |   Comments: 0

According to world-renowned interior designer Nina Campbell, "Lampshades are like the shoes and handbags of the home: the right shoes can make an outfit - but if you have the wrong shoes, you can feel old-fashioned in the smartest suit".She further adds: - "They also need to be beautiful" - how true!

When it comes to polished interior design, getting an interior looking just right can be tricky, (which is why God made talented interior designers in the first place)!  Getting it wrong can be expensive, time consuming & disheartening to say the least, so it pays to employ an experienced & skilled "eye", or, if gifted with this most valuable asset yourself, its time to open your mind to the wealth of looks & effects available in the world of quality lampshades!

Sumptuous silks, linens, leathers, wallpapers & exotic passementerie, rich colours & textures, treatments such as pleating, gathering, crosshatching & piping, unexpected touches such as detailed linings & unusual finials, all designed to create unstoppable looks, bringing your lamps to "the peak of chic"!

Yes, there's always the fall back "little black dress" lampshade equivalent in the form of the ivory silk, knife or box pleated cone - undoubtedly a classic, but if you want something special, something to bring out the absolute best in your antique lamp base, there is so much more€¦.. 

Once the fabrics & extras are decided, it's crucial that the shape & size of your intended replacement shades be complimentary & proportional to their other halves.  Will they be sitting at just the right height?  Too low & you will see less of your base, too high & it starts to look silly.

Nina also makes an interesting point: - "you have to think about how many sorts of shades a room can support without looking like a lampshade shop!"  Knowing when to stop can be a problem, especially when you love the soft light & restful ambience beautiful lamps can bring to a room.  

Now that you have your stunning new shades - make sure they're always looking their best.  Is your shade sitting securely & level on its base?  No lamp base was ever done a favour by a loose fitting, lop sided lampshade.

Keep your shade clean!   A natural, fine film of oil is usually present on the palms of hands which will, over time, transfer & sully your silk lampshade.  Make sure hands are well washed & dried before handling your shade.  (Little hands - keep off!)

Whenever possible, handle your shade by its wires.  If you need more stability, lift & carry with a hand each on the top & bottom rims.  Do not squeeze in the middle of the shade where there is no obvious wire support.

If taking your shade off its lamp base & placing on another surface, make sure that that surface is clean!  A small, clean towel placed on a table will eliminate any chance of dirt or dust.

To clean, do not use the dusting brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner as it will only transfer any dust from window sill's etc straight to your shade.  Do not wash or dry clean. Simply flick over every few weeks with a dedicated feather duster.   This is all your silk shade requires.

If moving house, don't leave the packing of your shade to others!  Unfortunately so many shades are crushed because of careless removal.  Clean, then wrap in clean plastic.  Place in a box, double walled if possible, packing soft tissue paper all around.  Mark the box "FRAGILE - LAMPSHADE" & note to your removal people that it be especially treated as such.

Of course, most of this is just common sense but helpful reminders will serve to keep your shade beautiful, longer.

So, if you know you've been holding your elegant lamp bases hostage with dreary, outdated shades, it's probably time for a major lamp revamp.  No excuses now - get to it!

Please note that this article was written with maximum input from the company's lamp shade maker!

Nina Campbell quotes via The Telegraph - 18 March 2010

The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co specialise in antique lamps and custom made lamp shades with an exclusive on-line range of over 100 unique lamps.  Lamps are shipped ready wired for the US, the UK and Australia.

For further information you are invited to visit their web site at -:


© The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co 2010

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