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Anti Aging Longevity Science Is Becoming Popular

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 69   |   Comments: 0

With the tremendous physical benefits that are obtain when using the HGH secretagogues, one tends to wonder why everyone is not engaged in the Anti Aging Longevity Science. 

When you consider it took over 100 years for the world wide medical community to accept that vitamin "C" could eliminate the sailors' age old problem of scurvy and over 40 years for them to accept hormone replacement therapy one can readily understand why a medical endorsement would be highly unlikely.

Besides the highly conservative nature of the medical establishment, there does appear there are other forces at work.  We, in the Anti Aging Longevity movement, have ask ourselves, why is there so much negative information on the internet concerning HGH?

 A major portion of illnesses of the elderly and the associated pharmaceutical drugs being used occurs in the last five years of ones life.   To even slightly extend the lifespan of the elderly would mean 100's of billions of dollars of pharmaceutical sales.  There is no way of knowing whether any particular negative comment has been funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

In the later part of 1990's the National Institute of Aging sponsored Dr. Marc Blackman on a confirmation study concerning the life extension possibilities of HGH.

By the time of Dr. Blackman's trial, 1000's of independent studies had already determined the optimum therapeutic dosage of HGH.  For some reason, Dr. Blackman's study used a dosage three times higher than the dosage which had already been determined to cause side effects.  After using an excessive dosage, Dr Blackman's final report then expounded on the detrimental side effects of HGH usage.  Many of the derogatory comments on the internet are referring to this particular study. 

Assuming Dr. Blackman is not an idiot, there must have been some other forces at work in the design of his study.  The National Institute of Aging is a department of the National Institute of Health which is a governmental agency.  What type of financial impact would life extension have on our Social Security system or our Medicare program?

Twenty years ago, when I first became interested in the anti aging science, everyone indicated I should wait before using the secretagogues until there was more information available.  Now that I am 75 years old and feel as I did when I was 55 everyone is still saying the same thing.  That you should wait until more information is available.  I have had twenty years in excellent health and am looking forward to twenty more.  I use no pharmaceuticals and cannot recall the last time I required the use of an aspirin. 

Using the HGH secretagogue is the best decision I ever made.  The decision does not appear to be very difficult.  On the one hand you have a rather inexpensive natural product that has FDA approval and has been scientifically shown to decrease your aging process.  On the other hand you can approach the future with the inevitable aging and the expected declining years.

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