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"technical Necessity" Limits For Food Additives

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0
When someone tells you 97% of foods contain additives, more than 2300 kinds of additives, full of our life, our understanding of food, whether it should start from the additives?

Food additives as a "double-edged sword", on the one hand can improve food quality, extend the food shelf for easy food processing and increasing the food nutrient composition, but may also be inappropriate to add harm to consumers. Therefore, the debate on food additives by the For a long time.

Nearly seventy years of age, Mr. Wu said, "I oppose the use of food additives, now very missed in the past that yellow with black, although the poor will sell, but the mouthful of Big Mac buns. Of the last century 90's, the bread on became more and more white, more attractive, but I did not dare eat the. "Mr. Wu, another young consumers, said:" Now more and more items of food additives, as consumers, unless that country has clear evidence of safety materials, adding that such food additive is safe, or not eat ah. "

Course, there are some people agree with the presence of food additives. The provincial capital of Ms. Zhang said, "treat food additive can not be too absolute, rational use of food additives to prevent food spoilage, maintain or enhance the food's nutrition, improvement or rich food color, aroma, flavor, let the people of more abundant food. we need to do is to strengthen the basic regulation of food additives in food, not food additives beat him to death! "

Provincial capital some food vendors, a relatively consistent view. They believe that the production of food additives is affected by consumer demand, rising living standards, let people have a higher demand for food, food manufacturers have gradually increased the competition between, food additive, if not , the color will look good also the lack of competitiveness can not sell, so not simply the presence of prohibited food additives, added to form a unified standard is imperative.

"Food Safety Law" in the specification of the additive has been changed from the harmless to the need, that used to be able to add sound, it is necessary to add. "Food Safety Law" regulates the production and application of food additives. "Food Safety Law" stipulates that the risk assessment of food additives must be proven safe before they can be included to allow use of the range; not in food production, food additives other than the use of chemicals and other substances potentially harmful to human health.

Present, approved the use of food additives, 22 Class 1812 kinds. According to "Food Safety Law", as long as a directory outside of additives, even if not harmful to human health, it can not be added. If your house food manufacturers to add a directory other than the material, it will be regarded as illegal.

Previous "flour treatment agent benzoyl peroxide," storm also caused concern in the community. Improved food production technology department, flour treatment agent of this process can not require to remove the directory from the food additive. But food safety experts say, can not prove harmful to human beings will be removed from the directory is contrary to the practice of science. In response to this contradiction, "Food Safety Law" in the "safe" based on the highlighted "technically is necessary." Technology is the need to add production of food material is essential, if not possible impact on food quality. As people focus on health, food additives only landscaping can be canceled.
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