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"guerrillas" Seriously Affect The Renovation Supplies And Healthy Development Of Industrial Supplies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 51   |   Comments: 0
Supplies the market quite a mixed bag, original supplies, compatible supplies, recovery supplies, a variety of terms to see, filling supplies, like smoke and mirrors, water Mochizuki general. Because supplies of products with high added value, so the market is flooded with a large number of fake and shoddy products, shoddy, real ones. These counterfeit products are poor printing, and its will cause hardware damage the printer, the printer will make a serious or even scrapped, spontaneous combustion, the crisis of human life!

Supplies used refurbished rampant Friends in many cities will note carefully, the supermarkets, the squatting on the roadside or road bridge that recycling waste cartridges, toner cartridges in the crowd has become a unique landscape. The purpose of these groups is only profit recovery supplies only, and supplies no actual contact recycling. They are buying the supplies, the cost of processing a very low false, then sell the original price, profits.

These are called the image of the road "guerrillas" who, often hundreds of dollars price of recycling old ink cartridges, toner cartridges, poured into the inferior Ink , Toner, brand-name labels affixed, then the original price of selling a few hundred dollars. Because of the huge profits, they played quite unashamedly "high recovery" on the cover. Also acquired an old drum, "guerrillas" can offer 50 or even 100 yuan, anyway, can the ability to turn after a few false somersault, but "regular" dare not high, because the waste received for the production of renewable supplies supplies, limited profits. This leads to the road, "guerrilla" activities have become increasingly rampant in recent years, occupied most of the market, very few formal sector enterprises to compete with them. Over time, the road, "guerrillas" had become a major force in recovery supplies, occupation of the regular business of living space. The impact of genuine supplies

refurbished products I was informed from the source, these companies used refurbished cartridges from consumers after the recovery of waste on a simple refurbished cartridges immediately according to the market price of less than genuine, the entire renovation, including replacement of packing, scrubbing cartridge the ink, marking ... ... and so the process is also only take 10 minutes.

General sale from the purchase of refurbished cartridges into the cost about 25 yuan to 30 yuan, while the sales price is only the difference of 30 yuan and genuine. And if they renovate their genuine cartridges and careful comparison, also hard to see clues. But each of them refurbished products have a special mark, mark a variety of ways, mark the position change at any time. Some of the following trademarks in the cartridge is attached a sticker, some are branded with a symbol or number, if quality problems arise in use, users can find the refurbished replacement product manufacturers, other companies will not give or refurbished factory replacement.

According to informed sources, high-profit, non-technical barriers that lead to the spread of roots refurbished cartridges, these refurbished, counterfeit products on the market genuine consumables brought no small impact and injury. While in the market, placing a large number of supplies store are genuine, but consumers purchase, the person will ask you to do is refurbished, or directly to the refurbished cartridge. After filling the cartridge recycling poor quality ink, toner and other simple processing later swagger listed, as the poor quality of ink and toner, prone to use a short time, can not use or damage to the printer situation. Counterfeit products are generally posted more well-known original brands or generic brands of supplies to sell for less than genuine, its quality and far from genuine, serious damage to the original supplies and general supplies in the user's image, while fake and shoddy products low prices are eating away a large number of general supplies vendor market space, supplies to the market brought great shock and injury.

Harm larger renovation supplies Original supplies means that the printer manufacturer to produce the supplies, because of this, a certain kind of original supplies are always a model for the vendors or series of models of expertise and tailor-made, to fully tap the printer's potential, so that the cooperation between the printer supplies and perfect, to achieve the best print results.

Because of printing supplies have such a strong relevance, therefore, not only between the various printer consumables manufacturer incompatible, and even the same printer series between different manufacturers, they are sometimes used supplies can not replace each other of. The counterfeit products or private modified ink system, the lack of the necessary technical support to the structure and principles of the printer without a thorough understanding of, and therefore very difficult to play out the inherent advantages of a model of the printer; the other hand, most counterfeit products is the recovery of genuine consumables cartridges, toner cartridges, etc. through the hole to force perfusion ink, toner, which gives the printer brought great risks for normal use.
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