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An Autism Success Story Using NAET Therapy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

             I truly believe that God has a plan so when I was laid off in April 2009,  I looked at it as a blessing.  I considered it an opportunity to spend more time with my children and redefine my career goals.   Because I was laid off, I happened to be home when a news show came on about a family that successfully treated their autistic child with Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET).  I was meant to see this show.  The Mom was crying, her little five year old was running around, speaking, and interacting.  He was just your typical preschool child.  In fact, he was in preschool and there was no sign that he was ever autistic.

            My inner voice said, "Tyler needs this."  At this point we did not know what was going on with Tyler.   The babysitter said she thought there was some kind of disconnect.  We did notice some unusual behaviors such as rocking, spinning, spinning toys, attraction to fans, and flapping.  Each one did not amount to much, but when you added everything up it was hard to ignore.  In addition, he did not like to go on the balance beam in his Mommy and Me class.  He did not like the way the beam felt on his bare feet.  He did not like to have his head tipped back whether on a changing table or doing an activity in his class.  We later learned this was due to his vestibular system.

        It was all beginning to connect for me in late summer,early fall of 2009.   I made the phone calls to get him evaluated.  Before we even had him evaluated or diagnosed, I made an appointment with the NAET therapist listed on the news channel's website.  Conveniently, she was less then ten minutes from our house.

       NAET therapy cannot be understood by the logical mind.  I had friends who had used it for migraines and dog allergies.  When the technique was explained to me I could not understand how it worked.  After using it for my son and then for myself, I realized I do not need to logically understand it.  All I need to know is that it worked for me and my son.  Not everyone will get the same results.  Allergy induced autism will respond to NAET.  Also, no NAET practitioner should ever tell you not to utilize traditional therapies for autism in conjunction with NAET.

      A NAET therapy session consists of me holding my son on my lap with my left hand on his bare stomach and my right hand extended outward.   The Dr. will start the session by silently asking my body if it is okay to treat.  She is actually asking the question to both of our bodies.   Then  she will  ask me to resist the pressure she is putting on my extended arm, if I can we are good to go.  There has never been a time that there was not permission to treat.

   The above is then repeated but with me holding a vial of the substance my son is allergic to against his stomach.  At the first session, she tested for many things and then came up with a core list of things my son needed to be treated for.  I had told her about what I thought caused an increase in certain behaviors.  Such as, when he drank milk he seemed more agitated and rocked more.  She did not tell me which vial was the calcium or casein vial but he did test allergic to both of those.  Each time he was allergic to a substance my arm dropped like a rock.

  Each treatment consists of the vial of the allergen being placed in my son's sock.  She then does acupressure on his back by pressing lightly on his spine.  We then need to sit in the waiting room for twenty minutes.  After twenty minutes, I put my hand on his stomach again (the vial is still in his sock against his skin) and she sees if I can resist the pressure on my arm.  If I can we are good to go.  We have never not been good to go.   For the next twenty-five hours, he needs to avoid eating the allergen.  For the treatment of something like mercury, there is no diet.

  On our next visit she tests to see if he cleared that allergen.  If he has we move on to the next one.  Sometimes his body clears it but not his brain and we do it again.  I can sometimes tell if something has not cleared if a behavior intensifies.  She tells me what behavior the allergen impacts.

  Over the past year my son has been treated for eggs, dairy, calcium, casein, gluten, wheat, sugar, mercury, MMR, food additives, vitamin B, and more.  Some where after wheat and gluten, he spoke his first sentence,"Where you hiding Daddy?"  More recently, the flapping which was all but gone reappeared.  This was right after his birthday and Halloween weekend.  His therapists and babysitter noticed this as well.  I mentioned it to his NAET practitioner and she asked what he ate that was different.  That was easy, milk chocolate.  He was never treated for it because we never gave it to him.   He was just treated for it this past week.  I saw him flap once today but it seems to be all but gone again.

Tyler's therapist are amazed at the changes in him as well as our family and friends.  It is also very rewarding to get feedback from the patients in the waiting room who have watched him change over the last year.

The book "Say Good-bye To Illness" by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, M.D., D.C.,L.Ac., P.H.D.  is a good starting point for learning about NAET.  Also, to find a list of NAET specialists that have completed the NAET Basic and Advanced training and are qualified to treat with NAET sign on to www.naet.com.  Also, NAET is not just for autism, it can be used for a variety of allergies, depression, hormone imbalances, thyroid and many other things.

To read more about my son's story and where he is today, take a look at my blog www.autismsuccessstory.typepad.com. 

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