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AM PM Appliance Repair Los Angeles Microwave Repair Tips

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 58   |   Comments: 0

AM PM Appliance Repair, located in the San Fernando Valley and LA County shares a series of tips to find, repair and possibly avoid many routine or common malfunctions of microwave appliances. Potentially costly appliance repair Los Angeles area calls can be avoided if customers follow some very basic instructions.

The kitchen microwave is one of the most overworked small appliances. It is not unusual for it to be used at least a couple dozen times a day by an average family. Many microwaves today are made with membrane control panels. They are flexible, washable and can take a lot of everyday use. Door latches and switches are more robust and made of strong plastics or composites, however they can break or wear out. Advances in magnetron - the device that generates the microwaves - technology have made much more powerful ovens that significantly shorten cooking times.

The microwave oven is one of the most dangerous appliances in the kitchen because of the electronics associated with the wave generator assembly - which include high-voltage capacitors which can retain a charge long after they are unplugged from the power mains - any repairs which include removing the cover as part of the repair procedure are better handled by professionals trained in the maintenance and microwave oven repair. There is a very real possibility of death resulting from attempting repairs under the covers. While a working unit will discharge its high-voltage capacitors in less than a second, a malfunctioning oven can retain a deadly electrical charge for days - even if the oven is unplugged. AM PM Appliance Repair strongly recommends professional servicing other than the most routine maintenance tasks.

There are several simple procedures for Los Angeles microwave repair that the home consumer can follow to determine the nature of the problem with some precision. Virtually all modern ovens from the most popular manufacturers have an LED front panel display. Frequently, an error code will specifically refer to the part needing maintenance. Codes vary from model to model, however, many are also common to most makers. For example, an error code of "F2" usually indicates a failure of the membrane controller. If you have misplaced your manual, these codes can be interpreted by calling AM PM Los Angeles Appliance Repair and consulting a technician.

Most manuals have a Troubleshooting chapter dedicated to steps the consumer can take prior to calling a repairman:

Reboot the microwave. This is a simple task. Remove the plug from the wall. Wait five minutes to allow the electronics to discharge to a quiescent state. Plug the oven back in and check its function by heating a cup of water. If an error code immediately appears when it is plugged in, refer to the manual or the manufacturer's website. Most have a Support page outlining tests to verify the problem. If a repairman is advised, call AM PM Appliance Repair to set up a same day appointment.

If the front panel won't light and the unit seems dead, it could be the internal fusible link - a special type of fuse designed to melt when overloaded. Fuses do not blow by accident, they fail because an internal component is drawing excessive current. Access to the fusible link is internal and should only be performed by a qualified Los Angeles microwave repair specialist.
Buzzing, arcing, sparks or similar odd noises are generally caused by the cavity of the magnatron being blocked or burned. Cleaning the inside of the oven, especially in the area of the cavity cover - usually a plastic insert on the top or side of the microwave - may resolve this problem. Vacuuming out the interior vents is also a good idea.

Microwave appliances are convenient, however notoriously difficult to service. An AM PM Appliance Repair technician can check and inspect the appliance and determine - usually on the spot - whether it is cost-effective to repair.

AM PM Appliance Repair services both residential and commercial appliances throughout the Greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. They provide 24/7 services for Los Angeles microwave repair, in addition to servicing other kitchen appliances, to fit the schedule of the client.

Contact Information:
AM PM Appliance Repair
Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles
(310) 247-1467

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