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Always Running Late for Class? Let the Razor Ultra Pro Model Get You There in Style

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 95   |   Comments: 0

More and more students are using the Razor Ultra Pro Model scooter; not only are they fun to ride and popular, they are practical and leave no carbon footprint. In an average college campus a student doesn't need an automobile to do the things his or her parents want them to be doing, which is going to class and heading to the library.

Turn Heads With a Razor Ultra Pro Model

Razor has a knack for providing what kids want, and the Razor Ultra Pro Model does not disappoint one bit.  On college campuses cars are becoming a thing of the past whether you can't afford one, it's just not practical, or your college student has turned into some sort of rebellious unwashed conservationist, the last thing in the word they need to get from their dorm room or student apartment to class is an automobile.

Still, in larger college campuses there could be quite a bit of ground to cover so a scooter can come in handy. There are not a lot of reasons not to get a scooter for a college student. They are safe, they promote physical fitness, and they are nearly impossible to ride drunk, so they will probably keep your kid out of more trouble than a chaperone.

Razor Ultra Pro Model Scooters Are Ideal for College Campuses

Riding your scooter to class then folding it up and putting it beside your desk is a cool and popular way to get around campus and practical enough for most academic transportation.  Just remember that if your son or daughter is riding around campus on a scooter it conveys two things thing. The first thing it announces is €œI'm living in the 21st century and care about the environment.  Secondly it can promote fitting in with all of the other kids.

Razor Ultra Pro Model Scooters on You Tube

If you need any further proof of whether or not a college age student will feel comfortable on a scooter, you should check out YouTube or any other peer to peer video sharing site and see what kids are doing with scooters these days. Most of the tricks that can be done with a skateboard can also be done on scooters.  On the other hand, maybe as a parent, it is best that you don't see some of those things, or you might worry about impending medical bills.

Kids bring their scooters to skate parks to catch some air on the sweet jumps and show off their moves.  Make sure your kids are equipped with the proper safety gear for these rides. Safety gear should include a helmet and knee and elbow pads, especially if your child plans on doing tricks on the scooter.

You see kids riding without helmets but it's a really unsafe idea. It only takes one accident to change your life forever.  While you can't be there all the time to ensure that your child always wears their safety gear, try to encourage safety as much as possible. Safety should always come first!

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