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Alternative Treatment for Killing Cancer Cells - Top 8 Herbal Cancer Treatment

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 25   |   Comments: 0

Cancer is a chronic immune that can spread to all body parts. Cancer is a much more common cause of death if it is recognized and treated early. Each year in worldwide more than 10 million people deaths from cancer.

There are many natural healing which can be used to treatment cancer. Healing Cancer Naturally is based on improve the immune system and reduce toxin production by germs. Few herb are believed to be a cure of some forms of cancer are saw palmetto, mushroom, garlic, iscador extracts, poke root, Essiac, aloe vera, hoxsey, etc. Here are some herbal remedies are known to fight cancer:

1. Garlic. Garlic is an herb that has been used as conventional medicine. Scientis agrees that there are many compounds of garlic can substantially to fight cancer. Compounds found in garlic, including allyl sulfides and allicin. These compounds can slow tumor cell growth.

2. Saw palmetto: Also known as serenoa repens, saw palmetto is a palm with less growth found Florida, in southern United States. The plants berries are harvested and dried for the preparation to form tea or a capsule used as cure to reduce inflammation in the body of patient and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Although it does not contribute in reduction of prostate cancer but it gives relief in few symptoms of prastorate cancer like frequent urination. It does not even interfere with measurement of prostate specific antigen.

3. Iscador: an extract from mistletoe also known as viscum album L , iscador is a semi-wild plant which gets its growth as a parasite with few kinds of trees like pine, oak, fir, apple and elm. It is used since ages as a herb to cure many kinds of diseases. This is an very important herb since it is believed to increase immune system and simultaneously kill cancer cells. Thus a great help to cancer patients.

4. Essiac: Various herbs like inner bark of slippery elm, burdock root, Turkish rhubarb and sheep sorrel are combined and the mixture of these various herbs together is known as essiac. Red clover, blessed thistle, kelp and watercress are been added to the combination recently for improved effectiveness and add taste to it. Tea is formed by combination of these herbs to help restore health, improve appetite, giving strength to immune system, pain relieve, reduce size of tumors and improve quality of life among patients.

5. Poke root. These herbs is the most powerful herb for anti-cancer and anti-tumor. It is also a natural metabolism stimulating and detoxifying agent. In the early-to-middle part of the 19th century American doctor showed that poke root as a topical treatment for cancer.

6. Mushroom. Mushroom that has been used for thousands of years as a folk medicine to strengthening immune system and fight tumors in the body. Some of the Shitake are known to fight cancer are Coriolus Versicolor (Kawara take, Yun zhi, turkey tail) Shiitake (agaricus bisphorus, Agaricus blazei, Boletus badius, Coprinus comatus Flammulina velutipes, grifola frondosa), Reshi and Ganoderma.

7. Aloe Vera: one can say, so much in demand these aloe vera is a drug whose benefits are getting well known to even kids these days. People have started growing them at home for its benefits. It is commonly used to smoothen dry skin, clean teeth, treat small cuts, heals burns and to benefit in constipation. Its believed to sure intestinal infections and used for the same in many countries including India. Aloe vera is a stimulant to the immune system as well as anti-inflammatory. Aloe has been found to contain a substance called acemannan (a polysaccharide) that has shown potential as an aid in the treatment of AIDS and cancer.

8. Hoxsey: Treatment from hoxsey is believed to aid destruction of tumors and strengthen immune system to great extent. This treatment is available easily on Mexican city Tijuana. This herbal formula was developed by Harry Hoxsey in 1900 as a remedy to cancer. It was used 2 ways, internally and externally and causes destruction of cancerous tissues.

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