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Alternative Medicine - StudentScholarships.org

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Thousands of people turn to Alternative Medicine for relief of many diseases. The application of natural health and nutrition therapy is gaining popularity because it works just as well, if not better, and with far fewer side effects, than drug therapy. The questions that arise are, what is alternative medicine/natural health, and what are some of the differences between a mainstream medical practice and an Alternative Medicine consulting practice.

The terms €˜alternative medicine' and €˜natural health' can be used interchangeably. Simply stated, when a person uses nutrition to treat ailments and diseases, they are using alternative medicine. The human body was designed to run on certain nutrients. When given these nutrients in proper ratios to one another, the body functions the way it was designed to. When one or more of these nutrients are out of proportion, the body starts to falter and disease sets in. Ironically, this is the point when a visit to the doctor is scheduled and things take a turn for the worse. Mainstream medicine coupled with the pharmaceutical industry has succeeded in crippling the normal functioning systems of their patients. For example, instead of supplying a cancerous body with the nutrients it needs to fight the cancer and restore itself, physicians pump it full of radiation. The radiation further suppresses the natural systems in the body that could have fought the disease. Why is this the norm? For some reason, nutrition is always the first thing to be thrown out when a patient is presented with a problem. The fact that it is detrimental to combine certain drugs with certain nutrients is indeed reason to be cautious. The question is, why do physicians favor the drugs and discontinue the nutrition? Anyone with even the most primitive reasoning skills should be able to see the problem with this scenario.

A consulting practice that specializes in nutrient therapy instead of a medical practice that specializes in drug therapy is just what the doctor ordered. Thousands upon thousands of people consent to be on hundreds of drugs prescribed by their doctors each year and nobody is feeling any better. The main problem here is ignorance. The average person doesn't know there is a problem with ingesting a cornucopia of prescribed drugs. The average person doesn't know that they are severely under nourished, if not over fed. An Alternative Medicine/Natural Health consulting practice would educate its patients in nutrient therapy. The doctor in a consulting practice would not be a medical doctor, but have a PhD in natural health with a concentration in herbology. The consulting doctor would use nutrition in place of drugs and actually heal the patient. The patient will feel good and the disease will be conquered. I believe this to be the future of medicine and I would very much like to be in the middle of it.

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