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Allergic to wool

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 22   |   Comments: 0

Many people are allergic, their diagnosis, as the last resort - you'll never keep pets. Or, for example, your family (wife, child) suffer from this disease, but want to get a dog. What to do in this situation?
We give some tips on how to help in this case:
1. Find out more precisely what it was allergies (dog hair, saliva, urine, etc.). With the current level of medicine is not a problem. Also, try changing the washing powder or conditioner may nevertheless it gives an allergic reaction.
2. The words "Clean - the guarantee of health" should be your driving motto. 2 times a day, wet cleaning and airing the house - a very common cause of allergies may serve as an ordinary house dust, mixed with dog hair. Often change the bed linen and cushion chairs, sofas, beds. Pillows and blankets should always get out.
3. As an option - put the house air purifier. Unlike conventional air conditioners, it kills bacteria, ionizes the air and scour it from the different smells.
4. Bathe their pets at least once a week. This is a long enough time will eliminate the odor and help in solving the problems with hair.
5. Keep in mind your dogs bedding. It is often accumulate residues of wool etc., making it one of the sources of allergic reactions. Periodically pylesoste under them and wash them. In places where your pet likes to lie down, wipe with a damp cloth.
6. It should be as fast as possible to begin treatment of allergy. For the treatment of perfect well-established drugs, for example, Singulair.
That can not be done:
1. Alienate themselves from the dog to cease to communicate with her. Screams of "Go!" Just cause distrust and hostility. The dog is not a man she did not explain what allergies.
2. Do not accept pets as a source of allergy. If someone in your family gets sick You will not hide from it and to expel from the house.
3. Be careful. If you really are allergic, watch out for those things that you take a (stupid to hide in such a case, blanket, which had just resting your household pet).
4. Do not limit the life of your dog, forbidding her to lie on the furniture, etc. If you need to reduce access to your belongings (close them in the closet, not throwing clothes anywhere).
5. Do not make the worship of the disease. Do not create conflict.
6. Selling puppies their pet, says the buyer is fully the truth that the fight with an allergic reaction should exert great efforts. Explain to them how to act in order, that would not deny myself the pleasure to contain the dog.
And finally. Known case where under the guise of Allergy someone from the family members tried to get rid of the dog. It is treatable, but methods are different from those set forth in this article.

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