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All You Need to Know About BBQ

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 78   |   Comments: 0

A barbeque or BBQ that is refereed to as now, is a method of cooking food. It is great for all types of meat and even pizza. BBQ also refers to the cooking paraphernalia itself and all the parties that comes that follow with a BBQ! BBQ is mostly done outdoors but you also have indoor BBQ's these days.

There are three distinct cooking styles in BBQ. The first is charbroil-grilling which is done directly over a ribbed surface over dry heat usually just for a few minutes. Another type is grilling which is very similar to griddling. Griddling is done over moist heat with a dash of butter or olive oil! Unlike charbroil which is done over a ribbed surface griddling is done on a flat surface. Braising is method that combines moist heat and dry heat on a ribbed surface just like in charbroil-grilling and the food is cooked at different speeds.

Now let's find out more about BBQ apparatus and the different variants. If you're looking out for one you need to know the basic of all the BBQ out there. You have wood, electric, charcoal, propane and even solar powered BBQ.

Wood BBQ

A wood BBQ is really interesting as the different types of wood give the meat its distinct flavours. Oak, mesquite, maple, guava, apple are just few of the different types of wood used in a BBQ. Different woods burn at different rates and one has to be careful with its selection. The heat emitted from all is also varies.

Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQ are not as cumbersome as wood BBQ and also a more economical option in the long run. It may not give the food a special flavour like the wood BBQ does make cooking faster and easier. In the charcoal you can either use briquettes or lump charcoal. Lump charcoal is basically wood that has been charred to make charcoal. Charcoal is the pure carbon and cannot be burnt indoors because of the poisonous fumes. BBQ enthusiasts prefer charcoal to its artificial variant.

Electric and Propane BBQ

These are the latest BBQ in the market. They are light and easier to cook on than wood or charcoal BBQ's. They have a knob to control the temperature which makes a burnt stake an urban legend! They are a little more costly than wood or charcoal BBQ but people still prefer cooking on in because there isn't much preparation time in an electric, natural gas or propane BBQ.

You also have solar BBQs which use the heat from the sun to make it work. An effort to go green indeed!

Now if you are all fired up to buy your very own BBQ in Sydney or any other place in Australia we recommend Homefires. They have a wide of range on BBQ in different sizes. You can also find gas, wood, charcoal and also BBQ's from Weber & Beefeater. For more information, please visit www.homefire.com.au

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