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All About Portable Fire Pits

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 188   |   Comments: 0

Fire pits have become an increasingly popular means of relaxing on your own or spending time with family and friends. Fire pits are not only easy to accommodate almost anywhere, they also don't have to be kept in one place for long periods of time.  There a number of portable fire pits available in the market these days which can be taken anywhere you want, including tailgate parties, informal gatherings and even parks!

Body: Although, fire pits have been used for a very long time, their immense popularity is a fairly recent phenomenon. Fire pits have always been considered as versatile and an ideal way to prevent fire from spreading. However, the emergence of portable fire pots has catapulted their usage to a different level altogether. The usability of portable fire pits has been extended from the confines of homes to include beach tailgating, camping and many other outdoor activities, especially during winters.

Many people commonly use portable fire pit on their patios these days. You can use it conveniently while spending a cold evening with your friends/family roasting marshmallows. It lightens up the atmosphere with its much-needed warmth and glow, which helps to create a soothing ambience and brings a smile to your face. In addition, most advanced fire pits are designed in a manner which helps you prolong your outdoor stay.

Fire pits can also be bought in different sizes and shapes. A few of them are equipped with wheels, while most others have grates and spark screens so as to offer protection against sizzling hot and dangerous ash. While selecting a fire pit, it is important to take all these factors into consideration in order to avoid regretting a serious mistake. Remember, safety is always the most important thing to consider.

Meanwhile if you're contemplating buying a transportable fire pit, do take the load factor into account. A good way to ascertain its weight is to lift it up. If it is too heavy for you to life, it is not all that portable. One more important thing to keep into consideration about portable fire pits is the maneuverability of its wheels. You must be able to drag it along easily even if the fire is lit. Of course, you'd be well advised to use a spark screen before handling a fire pit that is lit.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are numerous fire pits which can be folded flat and be accommodated rather easily into a carrying bag. This makes them so handy and easy to use. However, the one pitfall with such kinds of portable fire bowls is that they must be cooled off before being put in the bag by eliminating any residual ash or burnt wood.

You can actually make your portable fire pit last longer by handling it with special care. A great way to prolong the life of portable fire pits is by tempering them carefully. Refrain from lighting large fires in the initial stages, and start off by lighting smaller ones. Once you do that, you can always increase the duration of their burning time by creating bigger fires as per your convenience. This way, you'll also come to know about the life of smaller fires. 

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