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All About Air Tubs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 79   |   Comments: 0

An air tub is designed to create a softer, subtler, full-body relaxing experience so that you completely float away, relaxing the body as well as the mind with an effervescent kiss of a million bubbles. An air tub is a combination of air and water to produce an intense, targeted massage in a whirlpool action.

What is the difference between an air tub and a whirlpool bath?

An air tub only uses air creating effervescent bubbles for a gentle and soothing bath and a whirlpool bath combines water and air creating pressure for an invigorating directed jetting system.

What's right for you?

* If you would prefer a gentle, full-body soothing experience to relax and meditate in soothing oils and bath salts for that effervescent and gentle bathing experience, choose an air tub that will benefit your mind for an uplifting and contented feeling after a long and stressful day.

* If you need to relax and prefer a targeted, deep-tissue massage, and suffer from joint ailments or sore and tired muscles, and also want to customize your bathing experience by using pressure and position of water with an invigorating, directed jetting system, choose a whirlpool bath to benefit your whole body to feel relaxed and revitalized.

There are many styles of jets available.

* Some jets merely produce high pressure

* Whirlpool tub jets massage with high volumes of water evenly mixed with air creating an extra wide, circular flow for a gentler, more effective hydromassage

* Adjustable jets allow you to change the direction and flow so you can pinpoint their massage. They've been used for centuries to promote health and vitality.

An air tub has other health benefits:

* Hot water relaxes the body, soothing muscle tension. It is the ultimate form of therapy. It calms your nerves while renewing your vibrancy and energy.

* Contrast hydrotherapy uses both hot and cold treatments that dilate and contract blood vessels to keep them in shape. This method also improves organ function and digestion, increases circulation and reduces congestion and inflammation.

* Neutral hydrotherapy uses water temperatures between 92 to 98 degrees F to mimic the body's own temperature. It is used to treat insomnia and to calm the nervous system.

* Chromatherapy is simply the use of the seven colors of the rainbow to promote balance and healing in the mind and body. Each individual color has a particular wavelength and energy that when absorbed, has an effect on the release of hormones and other organic substances within the human body. This in turn reshapes one's feelings, moods, and emotions.

Air bath tub options:

Options include heaters, sculpted and straight armrests, contoured backrests, on/off control systems, recirculating water spouts, translucent fiber optic lights that radiate from the jets and LED lights that emit ambiance from the arch. Sound systems, built-in tile flanges, vanity mirrors, hot and cold valves, hand-held showers, air induction systems, self-leveling base systems, removable skirts and trims and more.

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