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Alarm Clock Phone: No Wake-Up Worries

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 163   |   Comments: 0

      Could you use a phone with a built-in alarm clock?  It sounds simple enough, but some people may not have an alarm clock phone combo.  Instead of relying on a cell phone or a traditional clock, an alarm clock phone may be just what you need. 

      The obvious benefit of a phone alarm clock combo is that you have the capabilities of two items in one convenient package.  With one machine you can answer a call or set up a much-needed loud wake-up call without cluttering your nightstand or dresser with numerous electronics.  There are a number of companies that provide a phone/alarm clock, and each electronic combo has its own unique features. 

      For convenience and versatility, there are numerous cordless phone models that include an alarm clock function.  A cordless phone alarm clock combo gives you all the benefits of a typical cordless telephone.  It features a wireless phone with a wide frequency that allows you to talk anywhere in your home.  The telephone and base also have typical phone features like an LED display, caller ID and an answering machine.  The bonus benefit is that you can also set up a traditional clock alarm. 

      Newer models of the phone alarm clock combination take into account that many people have a cell phone or iPod.  Several companies make an alarm clock radio combo that also features a dock to accommodate your iPhone or iPod.  So while you're charging your cell phone you can also listen to music from your phone or radio or set your alarm clock.

      Traditional alarm clock phones are very numerous.  Though they're not the latest in technology, they can still be very useful.  A corded telephone ensures that you'll never lose your handset.  A combo corded phone alarm clock features a built-in AM/FM radio with a functional alarm clock.  Many phones feature caller ID and call waiting, but the telephone works off of single line operation.  With features like a smartset digital clock, your clock will automatically set itself to the right time so you can be sure to be on time. 

      Consider an alarm clock phone if you need that extra timepiece in your home.  The convenient combo lets you adapt to the latest electronic technology or you can easily choose a simple, traditional model for your basic needs.  Whether you prefer a gentle wake-up call or need a loud rousing, your alarm clock phone is there to get you up.

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