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Airers And Lines - Do I Dry Indoors or Out?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 74   |   Comments: 0

With all the emphasis today on lowering your carbon footprint you have made the decision to use a more natural approach when drying your clothes. You have decided to use either a clothes airer or a washing line. Now you must decide where you want to dry them. There are a couple decisions you will have to make before you pick which spot to place the drying instrument of your choice.

Typically speaking clothes airers come in a couple different types. There is the free standing which is a stand alone unit, the ceiling mounted, and the wall mounted as well. Each of these has subcategories such as the many different types of free standing airers. The wall airers have two very distinct styles. The first is a fold down unit that unfolds from the wall in the same manner as a wall mounted ironing board. The other is based upon an accordion fold design. All of them are very handy when placed in an appropriate spot in your home.

Another sort of indoor method of drying your laundry is the indoor Washing line. These normally consist of two parts: a mounted feed section and a receptor on the opposite wall. These are simple to use in that you just stretch the line from the feeder to the receptor and attach. You can then hang your clothes on the drying line in the same manner that you would on the outdoor sort. The outdoor drying line is typically fixed but may also be a similar type as the indoor.

There are also the spinning clothes washing lines that resemble umbrellas without material on them. All of these different types of clothes airers are much more environmentally friendly than your old mechanical dryer. The biggest deciding factor you will have will be weather. If you live in an area that is extremely damp and prone to rain then you would definitely not want to go to work with your clothes on an outdoor line. Conversely if you live in an area that gets a great deal of sunshine then you would want to take advantage of the great drying potential of the sun.

One thing that you may want to consider is that to get the best benefit of airers then perhaps you should have both an indoor as well as an outdoor model. This will allow you to handle your laundry both inside and out depending on whatever the weather may be. This can also allow you a relatively private way of drying your underclothes on indoor airers and your other clothes at the same time. No matter which you decide to do - dry indoors or out - you can rest assured that you have taken a large step toward helping the environment by eliminating your dependency on the mechanical dryer.

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