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Air Purifiers for a Really Clean House

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 42   |   Comments: 0
Do you keep your house really clean? Did you know that no matter how much you clean you are missing one important thing? The air you and your family breathe. That's right, no matter how much you vacuum, dust, wipe, scrub, and clean the air in your home is more polluted then the air outside according to many studies. Why is indoor air quality such a problem today? Much of the blame goes to the more energy efficient homes and buildings that have been built over the last twenty or so years. Air tight construction practices and energy efficiency have lead to polluted interior air that gets re-circulated over and over again. The energy savings are good but it does come at the price of less then desirable inside air quality. What's the answer to this problem? A single room air purifier or whole house air cleaning system could be just what you need to take that final step to whole house cleanliness. Here are some of the reasons your home's air may be dirtier then you think. If you have pets such as cats and/or dogs then you have pet dander floating in the air. Dander contains allergens that many people have reactions to. It may be nothing more then a runny nose or itchy eyes but it allergies are a big problem with today's sealed homes and buildings. Pollen and dust also get trapped in our homes and if you have a forced air furnace/central air-conditioning system these pollutants get re-circulated throughout the house. Those flimsy little 1 inch filters you're supposed to remove and change every month are not very efficient at filtering all the airborne particles that pass through them. Cigarette smoke is another pollutant that many people have to deal with. While it's best if smokers go outside this doesn't always happen. An air purifier is a good way to deal with the odor and issues created by second hand smoke. There are different types of air cleaning filters for different types of pollutants. HEPA and electrostatic filters are best for removing airborne particles while activated carbon filters work to absorb odors, chemical smells, and gases. In many cases higher end purifiers have a combination of both features. A clean house is more then what you can see. What you can't see and breathe is just as important. Make use of an air purifier to take your homes cleanliness to the next level.
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