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By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 82   |   Comments: 0


This article analyzes many ways to accomplish things with out high cost. Classic Spider-Man fans will love this article.

It's common to see digital media equipment during religious events. Computers and electronic equipment are affordable and are blessings to us. A digital camera takes "internet ready" pictures. There's no need to spend money for film development. There is no waiting period. The photograph is ready in mere minutes. These things increase fun in one's personal (or business) life, and cost is greatly minimized. There's no developing center to lose or "mess up" your photos.

Businesses are seeing wisdom in hiring outside the business. The man or woman who desires to be "their own boss" is hired. These "work at home" persons complete task that employees would have been assigned. The hiring business saves money and the "home workers" make money. It's a win win situation for everyone involved.

I remember "Boobie" Boobie was my girlfriend. She and I use to dress alike. I know, pathetic (~love sick~). With today's technologies, families and friends can afford to buy photo t-shirts, hats, mugs and other fun items. A computer offers peace of mind. You don't have to worry about sending your precious materials to a "lab" that doesn't care about you. In today's computerized world, photos and other hard copies can be available in hours or a day. I enjoy wearing shirts and hats with pictures on them. I'm a big fan of the 1960's and 1970's Spider-Man. Until you see the original Norman Osborne (Green Goblin), you ant seen the real Spider-Man. I'm going to get a shirt with the photo of the Goblin dropping Gwen Stacy. That is the saddest moment in Peter Parker's (Spider-Man's) life. "God (Stan Lee)" took Peter's one chance of experiencing Love. That period was a test of Peter Parker's heart. It was by far the darkest moment in Spidey's life. But also the Brightest. WE all hated Stan Lee for that senseless murder. Spider-Man thought he had saved Gwen. He caught her just in time. But the fall killed her. Spidey fans invaded the Marvel Comics building. As a grown man, I now understand why "God (Stan Lee)" killed Gwen Stacy. What doesn't kill or change us makes us stronger. If we fail to let our "light" shine, then we significantly fail. That horrible day ended with the death of Spider-Man's greatest love and greatest enemy (the Goblin). This was truly a spiritual experience.

And now, because of our modern world, I can celebrate that very impactful movement regularly. Whenever I'm down, I can look at the shirt and remember how WE (Spidey fans) got through that terrible period. By the way, Marvel Comics actually improved after those two deaths. It seems like they sacrificed both Gwen and Goblin for better story lines and creativity of characters. Let me see if I remember: Luke Cage-Hero For Hire, The Beast, and the Wolverine (who is still loved today). These all came out directly after Gwen's death. If my memory is still functioning correctly.

We no longer have to save photos in boxes (forgetting where we placed them). With modern technology, we can wear these moments as shirts, hats, or drink them as mugs. We can also reproduce many photos of these fine memories. It's fast, convenient, and affordable.

Since I'm talking about Spider-Man. I don't know why people are mad that Tobey McGuire won't return for Spider-Man 4. He already told everyone that he was through after Spidey 3. A real fan loves Spidey, not the actor who plays him. I think Spider-Man should be like Batman. Many actors play the dark knight. I would love to see Michael Keaton return. Who knows? Maybe Michael Keaton will return for another Batman. Maybe Jack Nicholson will resurrect as the Joker. I'd love to see that. Lady Gaga could be Bruce Wayne and the Joker's love interest. Phenomenal!

Do you think its De Ja Vu that I'm talking about cameras and Peter Parker (Spider-Man) pops up?

This article can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to its author (Gary Colin).

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