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Affiliates aren't making as much as they could

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

In the world of affiliate marketing, securing relationships with product merchants is the key to success. The more merchant relationships that an affiliate can secure, the more products that can be shown ... and the more products that can be shown, the more commissions that can be made from the sale of those products. However, those just beginning in the world of affilaite marketing are at a disadvantage; the sheer novelty of their domains and the lack of historical product sales disqualifies them from earning top-tier commission rates.

Enter Prosperent. Prosperent takes the hassle of out forming relationships with individual merchants for their affiliates. When one becomes a Prosperent affiliate, one takes advantage of  the existing partnerships that Prosperent has with various online merchants and advertising firms such as Share-a-sale, Linkshare, and Commission Junction. One would spend a lot of time, energy, and effort in attempting to form partnerships with all of the merchants within each of these repsective advertising frameworks on their own. In addtion, merchants come and go from each of these marketing firms all of the time, transforming their product datafeeds from being active and relevant to being inactive and non-operational. In other words, an individual publisher would be spending a lot of their personal time and resources simply maintaining, updating, and revising their merchant partnerships.

Prosperent makes affiliate life easier and simplier. As I mentioned earlier, Prosperent already has formed various partnerships with various online merchants and advertising firms. To be a member of the Prosperent Network is to leverage Prosperent's market share in your favor. Prosperent updates their product catalog accordingly as merchants join and leave advertising firms, freeing up affiliate resources to focus on the marketing of items in the Prosperent catalog. If a merchant lowers their affiliate commission rate below a certain threshold of profitability, Prosperent automatically discontinues featuring that particular merchant's goods and will feature higher commission similar items from that merchant's competitor instead.

Prosperent was developed by affiliates for affiliates, and it is in Prosperent's interest to develop tools that continue to increase profitability from reputable merchants. Prosperent affiliates provide shoppers with access to the product that they are looking for while at the same time earning commission from their efforts when a product is sold. Shoppers get what they want. Affiliates get what they want. Prosperent gets what they want. In the end, to be on Prosperent's team is to be on the winning team indeed.

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