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Affiliate Programs--a Waste of Time?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Work At Home or Affiliate Programs have become a very popular item in Today's Business world. Offering the chance to earn extra income for little or no investment sounds great. You do not have to have a store loaded with your own products, They supply the Store (Website), and the product. To make matters even easier, they take care of all the money matters, payments, purchases, ETC. This New Website of yours comes with all the products, a means of shopping and paying for the product or product's that the customer chooses. You do not have to stock or ship anything!! All the important information is taken care of for you---right down to your "Paycheck". With all the ease of running your own business--no product to worry about--no employees--no shipping--and no taking of the CASH--what is it that you do?

Sadly---the majority--and I mean a Great Majority of you will FAIL. Why--Because most of these programs offer little chance for you to succeed. Many of the programs availiable today are designed to recruit as many "affiliates" as possible. That is easy to understand--the more people you have working for you the better. If you had one million affiliates working for you, and they made One Penny a Day for you--easy to see you would be wealthy, however your affiliates would be making--ohhh--7 cents a week!! Now this is not to say that there is not money to be made by these programs, some are capable of bring you extra income, very few if any will bring in 1000 a Day like so many advertise.

First, you must understand that even though you have a "Ready Made" Website, with ton's of cool products--they are not going to sell themselves. If you have had any experience on the Web, you know that people search for items using search engines, which list hundereds and thousands on their subject. Without a great deal of work getting your Site listed in the top spots, you will not even be seen. People rarely make it out of the first 10 results, and to get there takes alot of time and alot of know how. It can be Done---But not overnight!!

Your Product--Well, I mean there Product, who else sells it. You found this Affiliate Program, how many others are trying to sell the same products ( with the same Website)? How many other programs are there that Sell this product, or one similar to it? Can you purchase this product at any corner store?

If Affiliate Programs are so hard to make money at---why are so many joining these programs? Simple--Several of these programs feed on the desire of people who either want or need to increase their income. You will notice that many of these programs use ads that state remarkable amounts of income possible with only a couple of hours a week invested. They show people with homes and cars that we can only dream of, examples of "The Good Life". What isn't to want--Kinda like Hitting the Lottery. What they do not show is the great number of people who have spent many hours trying to promote "their" product, with little more than a few pennies to show for it---but then---If you had One Million--Making you pennies.

By no means am I saying that there are no Affiliate Paograms worth joining. I am not claiming that all programs are worthless. What am I saying?----Do your research before jumping into anything that is to good to be true--chances are it is just an example of Great Promotion--passing a product on to you---a sales pitch---with no platform to stand on.

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