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Affiliate Program lies exposed

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 36   |   Comments: 0

The Internet seems to be flooded with affiliate stories galore. Almost every other person, who has launched an affiliate marketing splash page on the Internet, claims he has made millions off the Internet in no time. Fantastically enough, almost every other affiliate marketer has his own version, which he proudly proclaims is a sure-fire way of making money in affiliate marketing.

Sounds too good to be true, isn't it? The bland truth though is - Don't believe 99.99% of the stories, as they are all but a piece of bull-crap.

Here's why I believe affiliate stories are all but good stories

1. If everyone would have been rich, United States of America wouldn't have been in doldrums as it is now - Assuming that people made millions, which they are proudly flaunting, homes wouldn't have been foreclosed at the first place. No one would want to work and live in a car, and thus, on ground, this means affiliate stories are good fiction novels.

2. If it was so easy, everyone would have been rich by now - Here is the important point - Almost everyother book promoted by a non-descript affiliate marketer claims to make you rich in no time. I have seen the approximate amount of hits the best affiliate money making scheme gets. Even if 10% of people buy these books and follow what they say, California would have been 10 times richer than what it is today. Quite the converse has happened though.

3. Check the links - Almost every other affiliate story told by an affiliate marketer will have some user testimonials on how they found it useful. Answer this - How easy is it for you to write up a testimonial praising your product? We all, as good business owners, have some self praising qualities for sure.

And just so you know - Most of the user testimonials are fake. If you don't believe, visit the website (Which few of them mention) of the user, and see what happens there.

Really, affiliate marketing stories are good as lullabies, but for a mature audience like us, it is good if we don't get fooled by such genuine scams.

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