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Affiliate Marketing: Your Online Business For Free

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Yes, you can have an online business for free. All you need is a website which you may (or may not) choose to register under your own domain name. There are a lot of sites online which offer you to create your own web log without having to pay for anything and the great thing about this is you can even start earning from it. However, if you wish to register your site with your own domain name, it is very doable too. All you got to do is buy a domain and have it registered. You can do this without having to spend more than $10.

Now, one free business you can do online when you already have a website is called affiliate marketing. It is an online business venture where a website owner and an internet merchant share revenues through a pre-determined agreement. For instance, you are the website owner. You will agree for an online merchant to advertise on your website and in turn, he or she will give you a certain commission whenever a prospective client does something to get to know more about his or her business. There are three basic ways to earn from being an affiliate: pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale.

Pay per click - This is when you get a payment every time a potential client leaves your website and then goes to the merchant's site by clicking on the link from your page. As soon as the prospective customer clicks on the link, an agreed amount of commission will automatically be deposited to your account.

Pay per lead - Whenever a potential client registers at the website of the merchant you are affiliated with (after being led from the link on your website), you will get the pre-determined commission deposited into your account.

Pay per sale - Whenever the client buys a product from the merchant's website as the result of advertising on your own page, a certain profit percentage goes to your account. No sweat, right? This is definitely a great online business for free.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is it works both ways. For you, as the website owner, it's a great way to earn extra without having to do a thing except allow an ad placement from a business owner. No need to do any selling neither promotion. No need to learn about marketing strategies. Just sit back and wait for commissions to come in.
On the part of the merchant, he or she benefits from this setup by getting free advertisement; and the ads go a long way because it can be viewed worldwide! Like you, he or she neither will have to do too much sales talk. The more affiliates he gets into agreement with, the more exposure he gets. Needless to say, the more exposure his or her business has, the more potential buyers will come too.

Affiliate marketing is truly a great online business for free. It helps people earn money without having to invest a lot.

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