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Affiliate Marketing - the Road to Success

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

In the golden era of print and broadcast media, the manufacturers and service providers would take a proactive role and assert their brands across different cross sections of the society. At that time all you witnessed were extensive advertising and marketing campaigns, television commercials, billboards, glitzy ads on the magazines and more. Today, things have changed and Internet is the magical media.

Affiliate marketing owes its emergence with the growing of online marketing. Affiliate marketing takes place on the web and therefore employs tools and techniques for the same medium. In affiliate marketing a website owner takes up the tasks of marketing and promotion from a dealer or manufacturer of products or from a service provider. As such it is classified as a third party service.

Affiliate marketing and e-commerce are closely related. It is because of numerous e-commerce projects that the concept of affiliate marketing was born in the first place. With the inception of web marketing thousands of commercial websites were launched. Back then Internet marketing or e-commerce was still in its infancy and generating revenue was a big task. Eventually very few people got successful in drafting a business model that would work. Within years the dotcom services got plunged into anonymity and at the same rate at which they had surfaced.

Affiliates and Merchants: An affiliate is simply a website owner or publisher of a website who promotes goods and services of a dealer or merchant. The merchant may himself be having his own website or portal. The merchant has a limited space in web and wants to delegate or outsource one of his tasks, marketing and advertising, to one or more than one publishers. The merchant in that case enters into an agreement with the website publisher, offering him the task and a share of the revenues that will get generated in due course of time. An affiliate can provide his services by placing the advertisements of merchants on his own website, sending e-newsletters and publicity content to the potential customers, redirect the traffic from his own website to the merchants by giving links, articles or contextual messages, or by placing the merchants order form on his own website.

Four tips to be the prize winning affiliate marketer: To help you maximise your chances of success in affiliate marketing we have listed some tips provided by the super affiliates. Four of them are given below:

Your web store: Website is like a shopping store, the more lucrative in appearance the better it is. Other than appearance the website should allow easy navigation, good content and easy to access. Simplicity in the design is an asset to your primary resource. Also, the website must be well promoted to attract large number of visitors and potential customers.
Merchants: Selecting the right merchant or merchants is essential in successful affiliate marketing. If the merchant is some local vendor offering low quality products you cannot go beyond a certain point, rather you will walk only a few steps. So be careful while choosing an affiliate program.

Network bypassing: Beginners are not exposed to merchants or clients and they may find it difficult to deal with them. In such a case the starter may join an affiliate network for sometime and later on bypass it. By joining a network you can make available a plenty of resources which otherwise you can'.

The salesman attitude: The ultimate goal of every affiliate is to sell a thing, be it as simple as a message or some tangible product. Those people who are good in selling have an edge. You must be able to identify the needs of the customers, the needs of the visitors and lastly the needs of your merchants. Try pleasing your visitors, customers and your merchants and sure will be a big hit.

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