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Affiliate Marketing Tactics - Best Working Methods

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

As in any other business, in affiliate marketing one could be successful only with strict business strategy, knowing well the market, the current trends and processes and following closely the steps of competition. In online business seems that processes are running even quicker than offline, so another extremely important issue is to be always ready to fine-tune and adapt strategy.

Affiliate business combines working methods of traditional online advertising with new methods to build a working system. Experts from Lidango - one of the strongest affiliate networks worldwide, describe the best-selling techniques in the sector:

1. Display Marketing/ Banner Marketing

Display marketing includes the placement of advertising banner of the advertiser on the website of the affiliate. When clicking on the advertising banner, user is redirected to a promotional landing page, where he/ she is able to complete a specific action - could be a sale, a registration, etc. from which affiliate receives a commission.

2. Blog Marketing

Blog marketing method gives owners of popular blogs the great opportunity to monetize their incoming traffic. Popular bloggers are recognized as authorities in their certain niche of interest and therefore are opinion leaders within their community, easily provoking to action members. Conversion rates here tend to be very high and blog marketing - very profitable both for advertisers and publishers.

Lidango considers it as one of the best working techniques, as it is not perceived as 'selling' by most users, but as 'sharing', based on the 'word-of-mouth' marketing method.

3. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the traditional methods of direct online marketing, used very often and successfully in affiliate marketing mix. The method includes the dissemination of e-mails with commercial intent. Lidango experts recommend to combine it with other techniques to maximize profits.

4. Organic and Paid Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is among the best results generating methods in affiliate marketing, because it is constantly self-developing. Lidango experts remind that the more visits a website receives, the higher ranking it gets as well. Therefore this technique is highly recommendable both for newly launched websites for a successful start and for well established ones to constantly fight with competition.

5. Article Marketing

Online article marketing could be extremely useful as an instrument for affiliate marketing, if done properly. In its essence this method includes writing useful articles, dedicated to a specific theme by the side of business and publishing them in the numerous sources for free articles on the Internet with the option for reprint. The best articles receive great number of reprints, reaching new target groups and increasing ranking. Articles with high level original content could be an excellent instrument to establish an author or a brand as an expert and therefore - build reputation.

Specialists from Lidango report that article marketing proves to be among the most powerful tools in affiliate marketing, boosting the 'word-of-mouth' channel alike the blog marketing technique.

6. Social Networks Marketing

There is absolutely no doubt that social networks are among the most important communication channels in our days, not only online, but as a whole as well. This is why marketing in social networks is extremely powerful method to reach target groups and commuinicate messages. Lidango welcomes affiliates who want to monetize their social media traffic.

Lidango recommends to combine methods for best results. Even if you do not daily implement all techniques, to be successful, you have to be aware of the main characteristics of each one. To generate money, you have to sell. To sell, you have to find your target group. And when you find it, you have to use the most powerful and relevant method to provoke it to action and receive your commission.

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