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Affiliate Marketing Strategy - Easy Sales For Easy Money

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

As in any other business, in affiliate marketing money come from sales. If you have decided to take a chance with affiliate and make it your basic money generating business, you have to find the successful way to sales. As an experienced affiliate marketer, started my career with Lidango a few years ago, I have reached the conclusion that the right approach to complete sales is psychological. In other words, to sell, you have to first understand what your client wants and after - give it to him/ her.

This method I call the 'walk-in-client's-shoes' method, because it perfectly describes the process you have to live. When you choose a product to promote, you have to first identify the reasons you would buy it, if you were the client.

'Walking-in-client's-shoes' means imagine you are the client - enter their sex, age, mindset and lifestyle. You have to imagine you live his/ her life and being in this role - find your triggers, interests, needs and desires. Once defined your target group's key triggers, you will be able to also understand and exploit those to give clients the right reasons to buy and provoke them to action by developing and conveying the right, working messages. The better you know and understand your target group, the more sales you close. And the more sales you close, the more money you generate from your affiliate business.

One of the best things about this approach is the fact that it is time-saving and fast-money-generating in the same time. Understanding better your client, allows you to save time, conveying the working messages to provoke him/ her to action, instead of shooting in the dark with the wrong approach.

Of course you are not alone on the battle field - you can get useful help in terms of ideas from your friends and close people, you have to make the obligatory Internet research on the issue to see other marketers' approaches and consider other working methods for sale. You can also use important data, provided by your advertiser - e.g. definition of their target group, as well as examples of their previous advertising campaigns with the relevant feedback - was the said approach efficient or not.

Once decided to make money with affiliate business, you'd better work strategically and think in the long-term. To make affiliate your primary business and guarantee yourself the desired money income, you have to plan carefully sales. For me, the best sales are the constant and growing sales. Spontaneous sales are of course OK, as they generate additional cash, but I cannot count on them to plan income. Therefore, you have to always implement the 'walk-in-client's-shoes' approach to receive high conversion rate and therefore, generate planned money.

At the end, I will share my personal choice of affiliate networks to once again support the beginners in the money making process. I am currently working with Lidango, ClickBooth and Azoogle primarily, but I am considering joining other companies as well. This is another important advice I can give - always work with several companies in order to have the choice to take the best offer.

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