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Affiliate Marketing Campaign - Successful Experience

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Affiliate marketing could be an extremely profitable business, if done properly. Aside from your own business, it can generate excellent monthly revenue if you register as a publisher, and if you decide to make it your primary money-generator, you can easily quit your day job. I took a chance with affiliate marketing as my website come2bet.com has strong traffic and I have decided to try making additional money with my ad space.

I have experience in working with several affiliate networks, which I have thoroughly researched before joining - I have started with Neverblue, afterwords joined Lidango, Clickbank and Clickbooth as well. I have started with several different products and services promotion, generating decent additional weekly income. After a given period of time, I made my recap and summed up my profits. The results showed that my best commissions come from Lidango offers and I found out why after analyzing my statistics. I would not exaggerate, saying that my profits nearly double the earnings, made with the other companies.

Here are the main reasons why I have close to twice higher profits, working with Lidango in comparison with the other affiliate networks, that I have joined:

  • Lidango has extremely high CPM rates
  • The networks has very rich advertisers database - around 60 000 product/ services offers
  • Lidango has rich choice of ad materials for each product/ service and I can select the most appropriate for my website
  • Lidango's publisher platform is user-friendly and very easy to navigate
  • I have detailed statistics for each campaign, allowing me to fine-tune my offers for the best results
  • My account manager is always on my side to help me choose the most appropriate advertisers and for other business issues

These are the main conclusions that I have made for my business and I am sure to continue working with Lidango. I am not saying that I won't take chances with other networks as well, but I believe Lidango is staying my first choice for now. Currently I am in the process of developing a set of new sport-oriented websites and I will launch affiliate programs for them as soon as I manage to attract decent volume of incoming traffic.

To anyone who has the potential to become a publisher, I strongly recommend to give it a try. If you have a working website with good incoming traffic volume, why not start to generate additional cash? If you choose the right partners and advertisers, soon you can realize that you affiliate business is making for you more money than your primary business.

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