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Affiliate Marketers - Three Easy Steps To Stay Motivated

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

More than 90% of the people who want to become affiliate marketers will give up before they make their first sale.  I don't know if that figure is accurate, but it is probably pretty close.

Why would so many people give up and quit one of the easiest jobs in the world?  I can only relate to my own experience and one of the biggest problems I have had is to stay motivated when nothing seems to be working.  One of the biggest challenges is to make a plan of action, stay focused and do the things that make money online.  Having doubt in yourself will make it hard to stay focused on things that work and avoid things that do not make money.

Motivating yourself to excel is not something you do only when the spirit moves you.  Motivation is an ongoing process that should include every facet of your business life, including your online business. This means your mental attitude, physical well-being and appearance, work atmosphere, your interaction with others and your off-the-job environment should be conducive to the belief that you will succeed.  All you have to do is listen to some of the masters of motivation, like Earl Nightingale or Zig Ziglar to understand the power of a positive attitude.  I have been listening to these guys for more than 30 years.

Everyone has times when they feel down and begin to have doubts about what they are doing.  It is human nature and we all have moments of doubt.  They can be devastating and if we don't get out of the doldrums, we will fail.  Motivational experts get paid big bucks to tell professionals, striving for success, that they must constantly examine their attitudes.  Without having some big bucks to give away, how do you do that?  Follow the tips below, and watch the changes.

1.    Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude;  It has been said that life is only 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.  Everyone is responsible for their own actions and attitudes, and has the responsibility to change them when appropriate.  I am sure that you have noticed that when you  are around people or things that are uplifting and positive, you feel that way.  You have more energy, more confidence in yourself, and you have no doubt that you can change whatever needs to be changed.  When you are upbeat about what you are doing, your enthusiasm and production is much higher. You might even find yourself looking forward to work!

2.   Create or Find Positive Affirmations;  If you hear or read something often enough, you will believe it.  The reason for writing personal goals is the same as creating positive affirmations on paper.  What you see and hear, your mind will believe.  Try it!  After you've written your positive affirmations down, read them aloud to yourself.  Read them every morning and every afternoon when you work on your business.  It may seem hokey at first, but you'll be amazed at what happens.  Repeating statements such as, "I'm an important and valuable person," or "I know I'll make good use of my time today."    out loud everyday at a particular time will help reinforce positive actions. Come up with a set of positive affirmations every month.  

3.    Exercise, Exercise;  Exercise seems to be a cure-all to everything lately  and there is some truth to that ugly word.  I don't mean hard physical exercise.  What is really important and workable is to get up and take a walk somewhere away from your work.  Go outside, get the mail and enjoy the sunlight (if you're an entrepreneur working in a home office), or just get up and do a few stretches.  Concentration, tense thinking and stress makes your back and shoulder muscles tighten knot up.  Periodic stretching, even at our desk, or just getting up and walking over to the window and getting a different view can help relieve the stress and tension in your muscles.  There is nothing more relaxing than getting up from your desk and momentarily transporting your mind away from work and into that place where doubt does not exist.  

Motivation is a wonderful thing.  I know you have heard the saying "WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS - MAKE (and sell) LEMONADE!".   It only takes a little concentrated effort on our part to stay motivated and productive, which leads to success.

I know how difficult it is to stay positive, motivated and focused on being a successful internet marketer.  A positive attitude and lots of motivation is absolutely necessary if you are going to make any money online.  Try the three things mentioned above, you'll be working wonders and the doubts will fade away.

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