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Affects of Acne on a Teenager

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Acne is most common skin disorder especially in teenagers. Teen years are full of excitement; fun and socializing that are why acne affects teenagers very badly. Not only has it affected physically but psychologically as well. It is said that almost 80% of teenagers get affected with acne. If they are suffering from moderate to severe kind of acne which is noticeable then their social life is affected.

As teen years are time of developing personalities and increasing personal relations, acne spoil their fun and excitement. Parents should be concerned if they notice any psychological affect of acne. Acne affects sufferer's self esteem, confidence, social life, education, employment and relationships. It is very necessary to find out the reason behind this trauma.

How acne affects teenagers?
Actually people with acne have to face many comments regarding their acne. If anyone has noticeable acne then everyone ask about it and sometimes make fun of him/her. Sufferer feels uncomfortable to talk about their skin conditions with everyone. In fact believing in certain myths aggravates skin condition which causes more depression like many people believe that acne is teen age condition and it will be cured by itself. It is totally wrong concept because acne need appropriate treatment.

Psychological affects on personality:
Due to its visible condition, it affects sufferer's personality in a very negative way. Generally girls who got affected by this skin condition, hides their face behind thick layers of makeup. In fact this act aggravates skin condition more then any good but these affected girls have no other way. Boys normally complain about this. Their confidence and self esteem getting lower due to remarks made by their friends and relatives. Some people make fun of their faces. These kids have very high inferiority complex.

They start avoiding social gatherings and parties due to their visible acne. Even in classrooms these students don't participate due to lack of confidence. They don't even participate in any extra circular activities. Due to these problems their career also suffers. They normally don't consider themselves fit for those jobs which need more coordination with other people. They avoid all those activities which need exposure of their body like swimming. They become very self conscious and try to hide themselves in their rooms and homes. Severe acne sufferers have to face severe kind of depression. They often thought about suicide and consider their self useless and burden.

In all the above conditions, parents and friends play an important role. They should talk to their sufferer child or friend and try to give them back their confidence and self esteem by having conversation about their conditions. In severe depression you should get them checked with any good psychiatrist. He will treat them according to their skin condition. Above all don't leave this condition, proper treatment is very important. You can cure it with proper treatment and if it does not cured completely then you can control it at least. Because acne affects sufferers personality in the age when it should be developed.

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