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Advertising On Facebook

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 5   |   Comments: 0

     Nowadays Facebook is the most popular social network and it is growing at a very fast pace, with over 400 million users worldwide. This is good for advertisers since more and more of them are using social network advertising to attract potential clients. As a matter of fact, Facebook's ad engine is the best network for reaching the target audience because it has a great amount of data about its users. Upon registration, everyone has to put in their details such as age, gender, ethnicity etc. and this information helps advertisers to easily locate and reach their target audience.

     There are three possible ways to advertise a product or a brand on Facebook. The first one would be by creating social ads. Those are the small ads you can see on your right hand side whenever you browse something on Facebook, also they usually have a small picture attached. When creating an ad, Facebook offers you to specify who and how you want to target. Location targeting lets you target the ad to the country or city level, keyword targeting lets advertisers target their ads by the keywords people put in as their interests, for example a person who puts €˜cars' as one of his interests will get an ad of a new Ferrari model while a person who puts €˜card games' as one of his interests will see an ad of a poker website. Connection targeting gives advertisers a chance to only target people who are either fans or members of a certain group. Relationship targeting lets you target users based on their marital status (whether they are single, married or in a relationship). Age targeting gives advertisers a chance to target people aged between 13 and 64. Birthday targeting lets you send special promotions to people on their birthdays. In addition Facebook offers advertisers sex targeting which gives them the power to target people by gender. Language and education targeting are also available and it lets you target users based on their spoken languages and colleges/universities/schools they graduated from. By using social ads, you can increase your click through rate, which will increase the amount of visitors and potential customers to your website.

     The second way to use online advertising on Facebook is by creating fan pages and groups and getting people to join them. That way you can get more visitors and increase the brand awareness.

     The third way is through word of mouth. Facebook is being used by so many people that news spread extremely fast. You start by joining groups that are somewhat related to your product/business, then you spread some news about whatever you want to advertise, and there you go, people will start telling each other about it.

     In conclusion, Facebook has become a part of our daily life and although Facebook advertising is a relatively new area, it is getting more popular every day. Last year a book was published called "Facebook Marketing Bible" that was purchased by many agencies and advertisers. The book explains key tactics and strategies on how to successfully advertise something on Facebook. As we can see the industry of Facebook advertising is developing at a rapid pace.

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