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Adventures In Dating, And A Few Tips, Part 1

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 69   |   Comments: 0

Your first date with someone new can be very exciting, but also very nerve racking because you are trying very hard to impress the person that you just met. One of the best pointers that you can remember when meeting someone new is to be yourself. You do not want to get someone to fall in love with an act, because then your relationship will only last if you continue to be someone that you are not. If you are yourself your date might not be impressed, but at least you do not have to continue to live a lie to keep that person happy. In the long run a relationship that is based on a lie will always end up in unhappiness because the truth will eventually come out. One evening a man named John had a first date with a woman that he had met at work, and he was very excited because she was gorgeous.

Gorgeous women do not usually go out with John, because he is not the most handsome man in the world. However he was able to muster the confidence to ask out Leslie, and he could not sleep the night before, because he was so excited about their upcoming date. He picked her up and took her out dancing at a very upscale dance club. John decided that while he was on this date he would try his best to be himself, because he always heard that women liked this approach. While dancing with Leslie, John pulled out his best moves, and the rest of the dance floor cleared to let him do his thing. The only problem with this is that his date did the same, and when the song ended she was laughing at him. Leslie then told John that she could not be seen out in public with a guy like him, so she told him that the date was over. John was very sad, but another beautiful woman named Jane walked over to him on the dance floor and told him she loved his moves. Not too long after that night John and Jane were married and they lived happily ever after.

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