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Advantages of a Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Service

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Why Vaccuming Just Doesn't Cut It

To stop the fibres in your carpet from being damaged by dirt and oil, a deep clean is essential. After a period of time, your carpets become dull, flat and worn and the only way to bring back the rich colour and texture and remove tough stains is to dry or steam clean. Unlike steam cleaning, dry cleaning doesn't rely on water but rather, a chemical reaction.

However, instead of using harsh chemicals, which could potentially be harmful to children and animals, a carbonated substance is used to draw the dirt and oil out of the carpet and give it a thorough long-lasting clean. This is especially advantageous for any family members who have chemical, dust and mold allergies or respiratory problems like asthma.

Tough Stains

Dry cleaning is excellent for removing tough stains like red wine or dried-on paint that would ordinarily be complicated to remove because more often than not, stains removed by hand can ruin the fibres of a carpet due to vigorous scrubbing or inappropriate chemicals being used.

Another advantage of professional dry cleaning is its long-lasting effects. Typically, a deep clean of your carpet will last for one year so depending on your preference; you could save money in the long run by choosing dry cleaning rather than steam cleaning. However, steam cleaning can be more cost effective in the short term and may be more suitable to your situation.

Questions You Should Ask

To make sure you get the best clean from your chosen carpet cleaners, make sure to confirm that the materials they use are natural and non-harmful to children and animals and won't damage sensitive carpet fibres such as silk. Also be sure to ask about any leftover residue that may occur.

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