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Advanced Meditation For Christians Part 1

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 128   |   Comments: 0

Many Christians today would like to take a more active role in their spiritual development. Rather than go outside their faith for meditation practices, they would feel more comfortable praying and meditating with-in the basic tenants of their faith. This can be very hard to do as most mainstream Christian faiths have been slow to accept any spiritual exercise outside of the conventional practices of their given denomination. This article and the ones to follow will be meditation for those who though deeply committed to their faith, would like to take a more participatory role in their personal spiritual development.

We will start with the most basic types of meditation and move through a serious of exercises that are designed to make us more aware of the spiritual nature of our being. The most powerful spiritual exercises are usually deceitfully simple.

The first exercise is one that makes us aware of the fact that our consciousness exists in specific parts of physical body. Before each exercise begins we ask that the love and power of Jesus Christ protect us from malevolent forces during each and all meditation exercises. To begin each exercise you sit quietly, uprightly in a comfortable chair. Place your hands on your lap and legs comfortably on the floor about 12 to 18 inches apart. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths breathing in and out through your nose. Concentrate on the sound of your breath passing through your nose. After approximately 5 minutes draw your attention to the spot in your brain that is 1 and ½ inches behind your eyes. This is a sacred place where your spirit comes through from the spiritual side of your existence to the physical part of your existence in the form of thoughts. We will from here on in, refer to this as sacred place. Dwell here for another couple of minutes, letting all thoughts that come to you now float away as you continue listen to the sound of your breath.

Now take your consciousness and move it forward to the just behind both eyebrows. Fell your eyebrows and how they grow out of your skin. If you have large eyebrows as I do maybe you can feel how heavy they are. Do they pull down on your skin slightly? After feeling your eyebrows for a minute take your consciousness back to sacred place. Now every ten seconds or so take your consciousness back between these two spots and observe how you can move the main point of your concentration between these two points. Do this five times.

After several minutes relax and focus on your breathing again. After three deep breaths, take your consciousness and place it in the big toe on your right foot. Feel the skin on your big toe. See if you can feel where toenail connects with your skin. Can you feel the bones inside of your toe? You should feel as though your complete awareness is inside your big toe. After approximately two minutes, bring your consciousness back to sacred place. Take three deep breaths and go back inside your big toe again.

Trying and stay there for thirty seconds. Go back and forth between sacred place and your big toe three times.

Now stay in your sacred place for the last five minutes of this meditation, focusing on your breath. Focus on the act of listening to your breath. When you are actively listening to your breath there is no inner dialog. Inner dialog takes away from the act of participatory listening. After five minutes slowly allow your concentration to become aware of the room around you and thank God for the wonderful opportunity to explore your spiritual side.

Continue this meditation for a week. We will build on this effort in our next exercise. You have now become aware of knowledge that is very practical and powerful. Our being does not just reside in our brain and can be trained to move to different places in our body. Be sure to do this exercise regularly, because it is one of the foundation exercises to more advanced meditation.

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