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Adult affiliate advertising traffic conversion tips and techniques to boost your bottom line

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

Something I've noticed as an insider in the online Adult Entertainment Industry is that everyone talks about how much money they're making, but they never really talk about HOW they're making it.

There's forums devoted to SEO and marketing, eBooks written about how build Adult Pay Sites and attract an audience. There's guides to Advertising and Adult Affiliate Programs. In fact, Affiliate Sponsors are THROWING money at Adult web masters just to get them to sign up.

What nobody tells you is how to use all these tools convert those uniques in your apache access logs to sign-ups in your Adult Affiliate tracking system.

Ideally when ever you log in you want to see new sign ups. More than that you want to see recurring sign ups. You want checks showing up in the mail and transfers being dropped into you ePassporte and PayPal account. You want to make fat stacks of cold, hard cash.

So what bridges the gap between horny, interested punter and paying customer?


The first thing you should be asking yourself when you're looking at your site's stats is how well you're targeting consumers. Are you targeting a specific niche? If so, is it a niche that's converting those page views to cash?

If you're investing all your time and energy in pushing smut that nobody is interested in looking at you have a serious problem. It's time to ask yourself if you're really cut out for the online Adult Entertainment Industry - or if you're just a guy (or girl) who has an obsessive interest in a kink nobody else cares about.

The second thing you should be asking yourself is how can I make this content convert better? It's no good throwing up a WordPress blog that integrates every single Affiliate Sponsor RSS feed on the web and expecting to become a millionaire. It doesn't work. You need to present your sponsor content in such a way that it becomes intrinsically valuable to the people you hope will consume it.

What does this mean? QUALITY is BETTER than QUANTITY. Source high quality content from specifically targeted niche categories - your visitors will thank you by opening their wallets. Believe me on this one.

The third thing you need to consider is the visual appeal of your site. This doesn't mean you have to put up a work of art, but consider the niche you're targeting. Most users will want to stay on an aesthetically pleasing web page and studies have indicated that the positioning of elements on a page affects the way in which web surfers perceive them. Punters don't want a page full of advertisements. They want to get off. Make sure your integrated sponsor content LOOKS like content and it WILL convert. Also, ensure that you target your site design to the segment of the market you're hoping to tap into.

Sometimes having a clean, simple design is best. So don't get hung up on making your site the flashiest, or most cutting edge out there. Some people can't go past the appeal of a site that looks and feels like it's being run by a passionate amateur who's providing content because they truly love the erotic sub-genre they're working in.

So to sum it all up - provide unique, high quality content to users. Target that content effectively and don't make your site seem like a giant billboard that crams in more ads than content. Connect with users on an intimate, personal level and help them to feel like part of something rather than just horny loners with their dick in one hand and a credit card in the other. If you can bring all of these elements together your conversions will sky rocket.

In an upcoming article I'll discuss some concrete strategies for putting all of this together. Keep watching this space!

For more information on generating traffic for your Adult websites and other great advice on working in the online Adult Entertainment Industry check out my blog

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