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Adsense Setup - Tips and Tricks

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 22   |   Comments: 0

Adsense Setup - Tips and Tricks for your Web Directory

I started writing this article because I run into this problem (couldn't see the adsense ads) when I was trying to setup adsense into my web directory ( http://www.e-maniacs.com/director ) (which by the way is built using the free version script distributed by phpld), so I decided to share with you these tips and tricks.

I have decided to setup some adsense into my free web directory, in order to have revenues to allow me to extend my network, to feel that my network isn’t just eating all my money; but when i was trying to setup my ads, i got an problem of not being able to see my ads. But fortunately i found quickly the most easy and quick solution for this problem.

If you have problem in showing adsense ads into your directory (that uses Smarty templates), you simply don't manage to make your adsense ads to show up, you need to insert your adsense code between these tags: {literal} and {/literal}. You don’t have to think on modifying your php files, or others, the solution is more simple.

In this way your adsense code will not be interpreted by the smarty engine, but it will be interpreted by the browser at loading time.

I have tried to setup an adsense add on my directory, in my categories pages, on

my submit page, but couldn't manage to display it in either page.

So, in any of your templates, either main.tpl. header.tpl, footer.tpl. submit.tpl. etc, you need to insert those tags ({literal} and {/literal}) in order to properly setup adsense ads:

Here is an quick Example:


Here you can place your adsense code. Just copy and paste the code directly from your adsense account.


And this is all, it is an silly problem, but the solution it is not silly at all, in fact it is very easy, easy to correct and to start displaying the adds on your web directory.

In conclusion, I have added my adsense code in my submit.tpl. and in my main.tpl, and now everything displays correctly (off course first you need to setup the add in your adsense account).

If any questions you can access my blog at http://www.e-maniacs.com/blog

Or you can freely submit your website to http://www.e-maniacs.com/director

Thanks for your attention and good luck, I hope i have made your day more beautiful.

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