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ADHD Meds for Kids - New Concerns

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

In the UK, the cost of ADHD meds for kids comes to about £28 million a year! A recent BBC programme pointed out that, apart from the cost, a study of over 600 children who had ADHD were no better off after years of treatment on meds for ADHD. In fact the researchers who were from the University of Buffalo, had to admit that there was no evidence to show that medication was better than other types of interventions in the long term. As a result of the programme, medical authorities are now recommending behavioural interventions, rather than medication! You will not find this information on any of the websites sponsored by the makers of Ritalin or the other ADHD meds for kids mentioned in the study.

The alarming conclusions also pointed out that the negative effects far outweighed any benefits. They had expected that there would be some benefits after years of treatment but they noticed that there were weight and growth problems which non-ADHD children just did not have. This completely overturned a previous study which pointed out that a year's medication was much more beneficial than ADHD behavioural therapy. It is now recommended that behaviour therapy should take precedence and many experts from both sides of the Atlantic are at pains to point out that medication alone is just not sufficient. It may have some short term benefits in lessening ADHD symptoms but the long term effects are not at all convincing.

The same BBC programme showed some disturbing footage of a boy who has been on meds for ADHD for over ten years. His behaviour has worsened and he has become more violent and aggressive. He has been expelled from school for assaulting his teachers and is now facing an uncertain future while his whole family lives in terror of him.

ADHD meds for kids tread a delicate path. While helping some children, their side effects can be devastating. The long term effects are not at all clear and there are even negative outcomes, as the above TV programme and research has shown. Parents are now looking for a valid alternative and there are thousands of parents who have not been fobbed off with the " ADHD meds for kids " charade organised with a multi million budget by the drug companies. Parents are waking up and also find that the cost of an alternative treatment, such as an ADHD homeopathic one, is far cheaper and more effective than anything Big Pharm can offer.

One possibility is to have a close look at an ADHD natural/homeopathic remedy which is effective, safe and free from side effects which could damage the child's physical and mental development.

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