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Adhd Alternative Treatments - Have You Heard of the Dirty Six?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Do you know what the 'Dirty Six' are ? Read on. They are nasty colourings and additives in kids' sweets. Did you know that, in spite of the UK Food Standards Agency decision to ban dangerous colourings and preservatives in children's sweets (candy), they are still being used by food companies? All you have to do is read the small print on the packets and the horrible truth is there for all to see. The role of diet and nutrition and especially additives in kids' sweets have come under much scrutiny as parents and carers try to decide what is the best ADHD alternative treatment . ADHD medication is now regarded with much suspicion by parents and an effective ADHD alternative treatment is now being widely discussed.

The UK government failed to bite the bullet with the food companies and rather cowardly opted for a 'voluntary phasing out' of the harmful additives in sweets which have definitely been shown to have a detrimental effect on children's behaviour causing hyperactivity and exacerbating ADHD symptoms. The main culprits are mainly colours which are extracted from coal tar - they can hardly be described as healthy food. !

Maybe you have heard them being called by different names or even numbers. Take your pick. They are all very colourful - for example, sunset yellow (E 110) carmoisine (E122) and the well known tartrazine (E102) just to mention three of the 'Dirty Six'. The most dangerous one has a very pretty name - it is called 'brilliant blue' and that causes hyperactivity in children as well as skin rashes and other nasty ailments. Needless to say it is banned in many European countries but NOT in the UK. It is not even on the so-called 'voluntary phasing out list '!

Diet and nutrition are only one part of the puzzle in the ADHD alternative treatment mosaic. Still, in the UK, Ritalin is now being prescribed much less as parents are advised to opt for behaviour therapy for themselves and their children. That may be time-consuming and expensive and for busy parents it is a big investment. There has been a storm of protest in the UK where special schools have come under the axe and all children - including those suffering from Autism and ADHD are to be 'included' and taught together with all the other children. This is a fine idea but the sad truth is that no money has been set aside to train the teachers so that they deal effectively with ADHD children in the class.

The best ADHD alternative treatment is probably a combination of therapy, diet, exercise and counselling. In order to avoid dangerous ADHD drugs, parents are looking at alternatives and they have found that natural and/or homeopathic remedies are the safest and most effective. The link below will provide the answers to any questions or doubts you may have.

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