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Adding Accent Furniture to your Bedroom Suite

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

When decorating a bedroom, we are quite familiar with the furniture pieces that make up a typical bedroom suite, such as the bed, nightstand and dresser, or chest of drawers. However, by adding accent pieces to your bedroom, you will increase the room's functionality, making it more comfortable, while adding character and style to your decor. With a wide selection of bedroom accent furniture pieces to choose from, you are sure to find the ones that will perfectly express your individuality. This article outlines popular types of bedroom accent furniture available.

Originating in France in the later part of the sixteenth century, armoires were originally used to store weapons or tools in the home. Today, depending on the type and style, armoires are designed to hold a variety of items from linens, to clothes, to electronic equipment. A computer armoire or TV armoire is an ideal addition to a bedroom, since the doors of the armoire can be closed when the computer or television is not in use. A standard armoire is typically used to store linens, bedding and clothes, while a wardrobe armoire is specifically designed to hold clothing and accessories.

Jewelry armoires are designed to store and protect your jewelry. Typically, they have a number of stacked, lined, drawers intended for rings, bracelets, etc. They can also include compartments for hanging necklaces.

A bedroom vanity resembles a small table or writing desk, but is intended as a place to put on or take off makeup, brush your hair and store beauty products. Bedroom vanities can include adjustable mirrors, drawers, and hidden compartments. Many vanity sets will come with a matching bench or chair. Arranged exactly the way you want it organized, a bedroom vanity lets you to start and end the day in style.

From traditional to contemporary, bed benches can range from stylish upholstered benches to chest benches for added storage. A bench at the end of a bed in a master or guest bedroom is a practical choice, a convenient spot for putting on shoes, setting down a purse, or depositing a stack of laundry until it can be put away.

Blanket racks are also known as blanket or quilt stands and are generally multi-tiered to allow you to store several comforters, blankets or bedspreads at one time. A blanket rack makes your bedding easily accessible. It also allows you to showcase decorative comforters or heirloom quilts. In a guest room, a blanket rack is the ideal place to keep extra bedding handily within reach. Blanket racks are also a great place to store shawls, scarves or towels.

A storage chest typically is placed at the end of the bed and is designed to store blankets, comforters and seasonal clothing. A cedar chest is a popular type of storage chest due to the wood's natural ability to repel insects, resist dampness or decay and retain its fresh scent for many years.

These are the more popular types of bedroom accent furniture pieces you may wish to add to your bedroom suite. Hopefully this article has helped you understand what you are looking for and will help make your decisions simple and easy.

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