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ADD - Worry Not, Lest Ye Be Lost In Despair

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 73   |   Comments: 0

Do you worry a lot? I mean, are you someone who just finds all the pitfalls in life? Do you worry about money, your job, or your family? Do you worry about global warming, rising prices, or who will be the next President? If you have ADD on top of all that, you really have a time bomb waiting to explode within you. Plus, the ADD hyperfocus could cause you to spiral into a downward vortex, from which you can't recover alone. Don't allow that to happen to yourself. Recognize what's happening and take action.

Extreme worry brings serious stress, and is totally non-productive. When you spend a lot of time worrying, you aren't acting positively by taking steps to solve whatever the problem is. You could even be worrying about something you have absolutely no control over.

For example, do you worry all the time about what people think of you? No matter how hard you try, you can't make people like you. Some will; some won't. That's just how it goes, and that's true for everyone, linear-thinking people and ADD people alike. That kind of worry does you no good at all.

Chronic worry can affect your health. Living in a constant state of fear and anxiety can affect you physically. Headaches, stomach trouble, and muscle tension are some of the milder symptoms of worry-related illness. But worry can also affect your heart. And then, expect your ADD symptoms to increase in intensity, too. You'll be more distracted than ever. You can't let worry overwhelm you.

Long-lasting, all-consuming worry is a medical issue. When you just can't stop, in addition to ADD, you may have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). However, as with ADD, the symptoms have to be severe enough to disrupt your life, and you must have been worrying excessively for more than six months. You'll also show physical symptoms of the worry, and have trouble sleeping. When all these are present, you may have GAD. And GAD isn't just for adults; it can start in childhood.

If your symptoms are this severe, you should seek professional help before all the worry hurts you. You don't have to suffer. But if you're just a now-and-then worrier, then consider talking your worries out to a trusted friend. Listen as they pick apart your gloom and doom scenario, and try to let things you can't control go. Deal with outcomes, not "what ifs." You probably won't remember what you were worrying about two weeks from now, anyway.

ADD doesn't necessarily bring worry along with it as a side companion, but your tendency to hyperfocus could make worry stronger in you than in linear-thinking people. Why worry about things that haven't happened? You waste so much time that way, but that's easy to say. If you're just a born worrier, you can't stop it. Try putting your time toward more constructive activities, hyperfocus on something that you really love to get your mind off the worry track and live a happier life.

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