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ADD Manifestations - How To Identify ADD In Girls

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

In order to understand ADD in girls better, we can take the example of those tagged as Tomboys as this category of girls most frequently displays teh common symptoms associated with ADD such as preferring more physical activities that may be less adventurous as those pursued by boys but no less challenging in terms of exertion required; the consequences are typically that observers find them less inclined towards studies due to their apparent disinterest in and staying organized. Thus, this strong chance of ADD in girls goes undiagnosed for the simple reason that it is overlooked.

The other category of girls that go unnoticed as being potential ADD sufferers belong to the talkative segment, who exhibit a certain tendency to chattiness, which combines increased period of activity and certain dull periods, so on the whole, these girls seem extroverts. At times, even strict warnings do not prevent ADD affected girls from continuing to talk and besides being inclined towards telling stories in details, they can also stray from one topic to another due to this condition.

The third kind of girls suffering from ADD are those categorized as Daydreamers, who talk less and seldom draw attention to themselves, but cannot seem to pay adequate in class; they are in sharp contrast with their 'chatty' counterparts, who are also suffering from ADD, but a different form which is manifested differently too! This last kind of ADD afflicted girls may exhibit signs of worry and sadness when assigned school work as they have limited attention and their thoughts tend to stray. Many may also suffer from a lack of understanding on the part of parents and school teachers who are likely to attribute this lack of staying power in the ADD-girls to being indolent or disorderliness. Thus, it is very important to diagnose ADD in time and accurately for children to get proper and timely help and treatment.

Girls affected by ADD are a considerable number and some may even have an impressive IQ rate so as to qualify them as being 'Gifted;' yet even as they may not lag behind in shcool work, these children can suffer other ADD related problems that prevent them from having a fulfilling life as an adult. This is why it is crucial to educate parents about the true nature of ADD and that it is different from a learning disorder as children may be great performers in school but unable to face challenges of a regular lifestyle that is important for healthy, mature and organized living in the real world. ADD affected children have lesser ability to deal with school work after high school academic levels and the symptoms of ADD become more apparent after this stage.

If ADD goes undiagnosed, it can mean needless agony for a child being tagged disorganized, stupid or plain lazy for no fault of theirs and they may suffer silently for years or worse still, suffer from low self esteem, become quitters, or depressed; thus, identification and treatment for ADD is very important at the early stages to prevent and control the disorder.

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