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Add Benefit To your Business

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 94   |   Comments: 0

In the automobile aestetics industry the paint touch up system can assist you earn considerably each month through the sales. Any variety of business connected with it such as the paintless dent repair service, autobody repair shops, car washes or retail stores. 90% of the cars have small paint damage - rock chips, chipped off door edges and insignificant scratches that could be revived for good with a touch up paint kit. This is an income opportunity!!

A hint to sell touch up service is to examine the automobile closely and take note of pre-exsisting impairment so that the harm is not on your shoulder at a later date.I'll presume that you are noting already existing damage on a check in form to keep from being blamed for such damage. When you see chips, scratches, inform that you also possess a professional quality paint touch up system and that the damage can be remedied for about $35- $50 depending on it's severity. Your customer is already utilizing his time and money to ameliorate his car's appearance.. Another $35-$50 makes sense at that instant. This 'soft sell" approach path works optimum when boosting yor paint touch up system. Don't cold sell the service rather mention it during your impairment disclosure process.

Be optimistic and you will gain a "yes" in most cases. the logic behind paint touch up system is easy. When you clear the chips and marks with paint touch up system the chemical substance present in it bonds and there is no way you will figure the scratches again.  After cleansing, select a corresponding colour of paint from your touch up paint kit.

Use a minimal measure of paint to conserve the contents of your touch up kit (If you are sensible, virtually touch up kits take only 50 cents per repair). Use paint frugally so that the contents of your paint touch up kit is retained (with prudent use you can ensure that your touch up paint kit will cost you only 50 cents for every fixing.) Utilizing the smallest touch up brush in your paint touch up system splash the scratches and chips with a firm hand. Do not try to overfill chips and create blots and scars. Go all over the car 3-4 times searching for damage. See high and see low. Double check the work you do with your paint touch up system.

When using your paint touch up system, do not excessively size up your job. When you note damage, touch it up with a slender brush and take a full step away from the vehicle. Is it less noticeable?? If so you have concluded your job. In the process of using your paint touch up system do not get disturbed about insignificant damages. Use a fine brush to touch it up and walk back from the car.  

Ahead of concluding a proposition to make the paint touch up system a lucrative endeavor is to explain to the  client that he will get back the preceding look of his car minus the spots. But it may be a 50- 90% one. But the damage can never disappear entirely. Only a body-shop at an average charge of $400 per panel can get their paint feel like brand-new. Usually the customer is glad to pay $35-$50 for the 50-90% improvement that your paint touch up system extends.

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