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ADD & ADHD Alternatives - What Options Are Available ?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Why did Health Canada ban Adderall XR ? Because there had been 12 strokes in children and also between 20 and 30 heart attacks and sudden deaths. Why did the WHO, over ten years ago, warn that Ritalin was being overprescribed for ADHD ? Simply because the use of this drug in the long term is unknown and there are serious side effects such as stunted growth, heart problems, blood pressure and depression, just to name a few ! What then are the ADD and ADHD alternatives?

Let us look at the options available. First, unless parents come to grip with how things are run in the home, then there will be little chance of success because the behavioral problems there, if not resolved, will go on into adulthood and ADHD children will grow into ADHD adults and will constantly come up against obstacles in their work and relationships. The ADHD child may be aggressive and violent towards teachers, parents and siblings. How on earth do you deal with that? Many parents do not even bother to seek out alternative methods for ADD and ADHD.

The most important aspect here is that ADHD behavior therapy will work wonders if properly applied. There is no need for expensive counselling but a good behavior therapy course will cover the cost of one or two of those sessions. Looking after diet, exercise, school support are all part of a comprehensive type of treatment which can and does work, provided behavior therapy is at its core. This is one of the essential ADD and ADHD alternatives in my view.

William Pelham is well known in ADD and ADHD circles and his work together with Dr. Gregory Fabiano establishes that behavior therapy together with some medication is the most effective and permanent solution to ADHD. Dr. Fabiano won a White House Award for this work and does a lot of research with ADHD teens especially how they react when driving. Dr. Fabiano's research supports ADHD behavioral therapy as one of the of the few valid ADD and ADHD alternatives.

We now know that the big pharmaceutical companies have launched massive campaigns on the media and even in social networking to assure parents that the drugs they make are perfectly safe. They even have followers on Facebook, some as many as tens of thousands, as they peddle their wares, even there. They have mounted a campaign against homeopathic medicine and have even paid for trials which will be manipulated by them to discredit homeopathy and will rarely mention alternative methods for ADD and ADHD.

The homeopathic remedies for ADHD contain ingredients like Arsen iod which is great for calming children during outbursts and temper tantrums. In addition, hyperactivity is reduced and also impulsivity so no more dashing across the road. Concentration is also improved. The great thing about this type of remedy is that they are non-addictive and there are no known side effects. The long term risks are zero and there have been no cases of heart conditions due to a homeopathic remedy because it quite simply restores the balance in the mind and the body of the patient. It may not get much space in the media but homeopathy is one of the best ADD and ADHD alternatives.

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