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Add A Touch Of Class To Your House With Iron Crystal Chandeliers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 30   |   Comments: 0

Are you in the process of updating your home? One great way to add elegance and class to any room is to add an iron crystal chandelier to the room. Chandeliers exude the ambiance of yester years. When you add an iron crystal chandelier to your living room or formal dining room the room appears bigger and walls appear brighter. There is a fascinating history to chandeliers. They were originally just normal candle holders and were hung from the ceiling to reduce the risk of someone knocking into them and starting a fire. Today of course instead of candles they hold glass bulbs though if you look at a number of iron crystal chandeliers a number of the bulbs resemble flames. This is a nice way to represent their past while serving in the present.

Decorating trends come and go but chandeliers remain mainly steady throughout the ages. No matter what type of iron crystal chandelier or price point you are looking for you can find it either by searching through websites or going to stores that carry chandeliers.

The invention of casting glass prisms were invented in the last 17th century. It was relatively easy to make, relatively inexpensive and the best part it was less taxing to work with than the real rock crystal that had to be mined out of the ground and then processed. The bulbs were then cut into different shapes and styles. Some of these crystals were used for decoration and some to increase the power of the candle light. At this point chandelier sales skyrocketed.

Many of the chandeliers created today use crystal in many of the same ways.

A unique aspect of chandeliers in todays fashion is that they are not just for hanging from the ceiling anymore. Many are used in lamps that sit on the floor.

These lovely iron chandeliers come in many styles and price points but probably two of the most famous is Strass crystal which is known by everyone as the finest crystal in the entire world. The second most well known is Swarvoski crystal. It is very similar to Strass crystal but does not have an optimal coating. The main difference is price. This crystal is much more affordable than Strass.

Two other crystals you can think about having in your iron crystal chandelier is Italian crystal which comes from Venice. There is a historic glass making area around there. One of its unique aspects is it is fire polished and molded. The price is moderate compared to other crystals.

Rock Crystal is a completely unique and would be amazing in your iron crystal chandelier. It is actually not crystal at all but a crystal rock that is actually mined from the ground. Each rock crystal is uniquely one of a kind. Imagine the complementary comments if you have this type of iron crystal chandelier hanging in your living room.

No matter which type of crystal you decide to go with an iron crystal chandelier will add class and elegance to any room.

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