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Acne Treatments That Work- Wickedly Effective Natural Cures

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Because acne causes so much misery for millions of people any acne treatments that work are well sought after. Unfortunately   this has created an industry within itself. Acne treatments are big business for the pharmaceutical companies and they have millions of dollars for advertising.  The problem is using movie stars to endorse products increases sales but not the effectiveness of the products.

There are different levels of acne, ranging from minor blemishes to very severe scarring.

Before you look at which treatment you need, decide which level type of acne you suffer from.

As a first treatment (which might be enough for mild acne) here are some proven steps:

  • Change your diet to avoid foods that are high in sugar (soda drinks are a good example), preservatives, salt and dairy food. I am not saying food causes acne, however studies have shown that by avoiding these food groups you are less likely to have flare ups of your acne.
  • Eating plenty of fresh raw food high in fiber and zinc will also reduce acne breakouts.
  • Wash you face with a gentle solution, it is important to cleanse your face but NOT to dry it out. That will only cause your skin to flake and cause more problems.
  • You can apply an OTC topical lotion to the affected area, a natural product like tea tree oil is a good alternative to chemicals

If your acne does not disappear or reduce you might need to look at your life style.

  • Exercise is a good way to flush out your pores and help get rid of impurities, it also helps by giving you a "feel good" feeling afterwards. Getting into shape helps builds up self esteem which is also very important.
  • Can you reduce the stress in your life, stress can cause breakouts on your skin, have you noticed when you are stressed or a major social event is about to happen, your acne flares up. Try yoga classes as a way of relaxation

If there is no improvement, you should visit your Doctor. One of the causes of acne is hormone imbalance; this can be shown up if you have blood tests. It is a good idea to have this done before agreeing to a course of antibiotics which will offered to you.

The antibiotics are designed to kill the bacteria on the surface of the skin, long courses of anti biotics can cause nasty side effects. The tee tree oil mentioned earlier is a natural antibiotic without the side effects.

A skin specialist will often want to prescribe oral retinoids (vitamin A), there has been plenty of controversy over the use of these drugs. Some people have had unpleasant side effects and others have had poor results. These drugs do not work for everyone.

If you are looking for a natural way to cure your acne completely, there is a program that has had proven success. It is easy to follow and the majority of users get excellent results within 2 months. This is an holistic approach, all about treating the cause not just trying to treat the symptoms. More and more people are saying they are sick and tired of being lied to by the pharmaceutical companies and how the products just do not work.

Remember there are proven acne treatments that work, which can literally transform your life and give you back your confidence.

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